A tarot reading is the perfect way to get some insight and guidance on your current situation. By reading the cards, you’ll be able to gain a new perspective and see things from a different light. When it comes to love, tarot can give you the answers you need for your romantic relationship. Whether you’re in a new relationship or have been with your partner for years, a free love tarot reading can help you navigate troubled waters and find clarity in the chaos, and here we have some of the best free love tarot readings that will provide all the answers you need!

Love is a complicated and mysterious thing. It’s something that can’t be defined by mere words. On the other hand, a free love tarot reading is very compelling and can give you an in-depth look into your current situation or provide clarity for the future. If you’re looking for a way to better understand your love life, here are some free love tarot reading services to help you on your journey.

Top 3 Services for Online Love Tarot Readings

1. Kasamba – Variety of choice

2. Keen – Decades in business

3. Mysticsense – Specialized in love

How Did We Choose the Top Services for Online Tarot Readings? 

Tarot has a long and storied history of being used for divination. With the help of the cards in a tarot deck, we can gain insight into our lives and relationships. We can also use them to make decisions on topics like finances, romance, and career. For the purposes of choosing the top free love tarot reading sites, we focused on romance in particular. 

Many people think that to receive a tarot reading, they need to pay for it. However, you’re in luck because there are free online tarot readings available! We researched and reviewed all the best tarot card reading services and then, to find the best free love tarot reading sites, we consulted reviews and opinions from customers as well as secondary research, articles, and direct research on the reviewed brands’ websites themselves. We also analyzed each service’s customer service, pricing, and accuracy to make sure that we had the best of the best on our list. And of course: each service on this list has a way to start with a free love tarot reading.

We believe the perfect tarot service is able to offer many different types of readings for your chosen interest area from other decks, styles, and points of view to offer something for everyone. To find this type of service, we looked for reviews that mention these features in detail. Each of the three services on this list of free love tarot reading sites fulfills all base review elements and stands out independently. To highlight this, each section begins with easy to scan pros and cons, followed by more info and other data points.

Reviews of the Best Tarot Services for Help With Your Love Life

1. Kasamba – Variety of choice


  • Multiple service areas focused specifically on love and relationships
  • Diversity offerings
  • Privacy 


  • Support page is rather clinical and is not as approachable as the rest of the website

Kasamba made our list of top free love tarot reading sites because our review team felt Kasamba provided a wide variety of tarot features to its users. People have turned to Kasamba for years for guidance on their love life, and it is no wonder why: the company has helped thousands of clients over its decades in business. And with so many positive reviews by happy customers, Kasamba is clearly a trusted source of love and relationship advice for those seeking guidance from beyond the common plane.

Kasamba provides the best free love tarot reading service for people who want guidance in this area of their lives. Whether you’re looking for love, answers to questions about a current relationship, or advice about a future one, you can get the help you need with a free love tarot reading. 

A tarot service like Kasamba is an online tool that provides insights into your current or future relationship from the comfort of your own home. The reader uses a tarot deck that consists of 78 cards representing various aspects of love and relationships. A tarot session will give you guidance on things like communication, honesty, trust, and dedication. It offers a unique insight into your relationship at this point in time, as well.

With the help of professional tarot readers, you can get answers to essential relationship questions, such as whether or not your partner is cheating on you. A free tarot reading can give you insight into where your relationship is going. A card reader can also tell you if your partner is true or potentially wavering by examining the cards.

Tarot is often used to predict future events, but a free tarot reading can also be used as an aid in decision-making. A free love tarot reading can provide insightful information into: 

  • Your current or future relationship
  • What to watch out for
  • Signs your relationship is deteriorating 
  • Which energies will most positively affect your relationship
  • How to maintain balance
  • Ways to enrich yourself and grow internally that will bolster your relationship

You can also get advice about what to do in difficult situations, like when your partner has lost interest in the relationship. The direction might be related to what you should say to your partner, how to handle a fight with them, or how to tell if they’re still attracted to you. Kasamba has been providing accurate, insightful, and empowering online tarot reading services for more than 20 years.

Tarot has been used for centuries to provide predictions about the future. The tarot deck and the ability to read the cards is a divination tool that explores and reveals the spiritual connections between people while exploring the human experience.

Intuition is the process of understanding something immediately, without the need for conscious reasoning. From predicting the future to understanding our thoughts, feelings, and behaviors, intuition plays a role in all aspects of our lives. Kasamba’s network of psychic professionals uses intuition to decipher the tarot deck and apply the reading to your life. In fact, Kasamba is a top-rated service, loved by hundreds of thousands of people all over the world. They offer high-quality, accurate readings for love, romance, soulmates, divorce, cheating, and breakups. They provide a free love tarot reading for the first three minutes to new customers who are in need of guidance or a helping hand. The service is also available through chat, email, and phone.

Learn more at Kasamba.com

2. Keen – Decades in business


  • Customized love tarot readings based on relationship state
  • More than two decades of service
  • Great psychic network


  • Website can be overwhelming

Tarot is a type of divination that predicts the future based on the patterns in the cards. Due to the sensitive nature of such a practice, tarot card readers are typically skilled professionals who have been trained in this particular art form for years. Readings usually cost a fee; however, some offer free tarot reading services online.

In recent years, Keen is a leading online love tarot reading service that has gained momentum, credibility, and engagement. Keen offers a wealth of features for singles to find their perfect partner, for partners to reconnect on a higher plane, and for those in stalwart relationships to explore their depth and find new meaning in their love life. Keen is on our list of top free tarot reading services for providing a great depth of service in the area of love, including: 

  • Breakups/Divorce
  • Cheating/Infidelity
  • Commitment-phobia
  • Love/Relationships

A free love tarot reading can be customized to answer questions about your love life or even a specific relationship. The reader will draw a card and say the meaning behind it, what it means for you and how to work with the card’s energy. This reading is excellent for understanding how you feel in your current relationship and what you can do to improve it!

Keen has been serving clients with readings for love tarot for over 20 years. Keen specializes in various forms of divination and can offer readings on relationships, career, future predictions, and for the purposes of our list: love and romance. Keen’s goal is to provide you with powerful tools for self-discovery that will help you live the best life possible. 

Keen has an excellent network of psychics from which to choose. The psychics are a mix of gifted and professional readers and healers with numerous style and reading choices. The first three minutes of an initial tarot session at Keen is free. They also provide excellent customer service with their 24/7 live chat feature that is available on the website.

Learn more at Keen.com

3. Mysticsense – Specialized in love


  • Variety of breakup oriented services
  • Searchable choice of reading style
  • Love & Relationships section of article content


  • Website text is a bit small in some sections and legibility may be difficult for some

A Mysticsense free love tarot reading online is a great way to get answers to your questions about love and romance. Regardless of the reason, any questions you have about your relationship or future love life, Mysticsense can provide you light to find your path. The Mysticsense team helps guide you in the right direction and provides clarity of decision-making. 

Mysticsense is also on our list because of their demonstrated fearlessness at taking on the darker side of relationships. They offer a variety of tarot services in the area of love. Some of the features provided by the service include:

  • Tarot readings for love, relationships, and happiness
  • The first 5 minutes of an initial tarot session for free 
  • Tarot spreads for love and happiness

In fact, Mysticsense provides a variety of subsections of the love and romance subject area, including: 

  • Affairs & Cheating Hearts
  • Breakup & Divorce
  • Finding New Love
  • Soulmates
  • Toxic Relationships

A Mysticsense tarot session is a great way to get insight into your love life. The readings offer comprehensive insights into any of the following areas: love, breakup, divorce, and more. In today’s world, there are many reasons why couples end up breaking up and divorcing. Some of these reasons might be due to infidelity, lack of trust, neglect, abuse, or other toxic behaviors. If you are currently in a relationship where you feel unsafe or unhappy and want to break up with your partner for any reason, you must have a plan in place before going through with the breakup. 

It’s tough to make decisions during a breakup. Psychics skilled in tarot can help you navigate decision-making during such a sensitive time. It is crucial for us to find out what our future may hold when we are experiencing a difficult time in our relationship. Mysticsense offers tarot card reading services that can help you predict what will happen in the future if you take specific actions now.

Mysticsense is on our list because our review team felt the site makes it easy to give your relationship the love it deserves. Some of the Mysticsense network’s tarot psychics provide readings for toxic relationships that will help you put the past behind you and allow love back in. Their tarot experts have helped thousands find happiness and peace in their lives.

A skilled psychic will be able to provide you with insight into how your relationship will evolve and what to expect from the future. Deciding on a new partner can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be overwhelming or full of fear.

Learn more at Mysticsense.com

What is a Love Tarot Reading?

A love tarot reading is a method of divination that uses a person’s tarot cards to answer questions. Tarot cards are used for a variety of fortune-telling endeavors, with one of the most common reasons being that of a love reading. The term “love tarot reading” usually refers to a type of reading specifically about romance and relationships. Some people may be skeptical of tarot decks, but they can provide surprisingly accurate insights into your personal life and can help you make decisions in terms of love.

Tarot Cards and Love Readings

A love reading is used to predict the potential for love using a deck of cards online via digital psychic sessions. Tarot cards are often associated with fortune-telling and other supernatural divination practices, and they have been used in Western countries since the 1800s. 

A tarot session can help you determine what steps to take to pursue your love interest and how best to express your feelings for them. Those who seek a reading often want to know whether they should pursue a relationship or not. Some may desire to see if they’re on the right track with a love interest. Still, others will get a love tarot card reading before making decisions in order to give themselves the best chance to move energy in the right direction. These are just some of the ways a session with a tarot expert can provide guidance and clarity when it comes to matters of the heart.

Use Cases

A free love tarot reading is a type of reading that helps you understand your romantic or intimate relationships. Tarot cards can help you look at the aspects of your relationship while also revealing what the future may hold for you and your partner. A reading can be used as a tool to assist in making decisions about who to date and whether or not to stay with someone in a relationship.

Whether you are seeking new love, whether your relationship is on the rocks, or whether you just want to know how to steer positively going forward, a free tarot reading for love may be proper for you. One may get advice about their compatibility with others in their lives and explore any part of their struggling relationship. Readings like the Readiness for Love Tarot Spread, Love tarot card, Finding Love card, and Compatibility card can all be used for relationships. 

When one is ready to let go of an old relationship that is causing them stress and pain, tarot for love can help. One way you can use a tarot reading for love is to determine the reason behind the relationship problems.

When there is a loss of a loved one, tarot card reading for love can give excellent support by revealing a new potential. Often it’s a good omen if the relationship suddenly ended and there was no good reason for it. For example, significant life changes like moving to a new city, starting college, or returning to a former hometown are all ripe opportunities for a spark. When reading a card for a soulmate, the one thing that you need to remember is that it can often take years for the conditions to be correct. So it may not be until a year or so after the breakup that the true potential is revealed.

Can the Reading Answer My Love Questions?

Tarot sessions can bring clarity to the unknown. They provide you with a deeper understanding of your thoughts, feelings, past actions, and future potential. It is a powerful tool for introspection and self-discovery. Tarot sessions are an excellent source of guidance when making life-changing decisions such as moving in together, marriage, or starting a family.

A reading can be used for a variety of purposes. They are helpful in times of crisis and can provide guidance in the right direction. Sometimes, one needs someone to listen without judgment, which is precisely what tarot card readings provide. They also have the potential to tap into the human intuition and psychic ability that we all possess.

Tarot is a divination system that allows you to explore your options and make decisions with clarity. While readings might seem like just entertainment for some, they can be an excellent way to gain perspective and a different set of eyes on the future. Tarot has a way of connecting to your subconscious and tapping into your deepest desires.

Will the Reading Be Accurate?

No matter what type of prediction you consider, it is always possible to be off the mark. This question has been around for hundreds of years. It’s difficult to explain the mystical, after all! 

Indeed, ever since the first prediction was made, people have wondered if humans can predict future events with 100% accuracy. Some people believe that we can predict the future and others believe that it is impossible to know precisely what will happen in the times to come. There are many different types of predictions, and not all of them have 100% accuracy rates. For example, meteorologists don’t always get their predictions right because so many variables can cause something to change at any moment. On the other hand, some forecasts like astrology only predict your personality, so they don’t have a high percentage of being wrong. 

In the case of the love tarot, you’re talking about matters of the heart. This is inherently a volatile organ driving the most explosive of emotions–in both positive and negative ways. This is frustrating to some, but the answer lies within. The more skilled your psychic reader, the deeper, clearer, and more fulfilling will be the answers you will find together.


Tarot has been a form of divination for centuries. Tarot is often used for exploring the future and understanding what the present may bring. It is one of the most popular forms of divination because it has an uncanny ability to provide clarity in confusing situations. Although tarot cards are typically designed to be read by those with an understanding of occult subjects, there’s plenty to explore even before you get a reading done! 

What is a tarot reading?

A tarot reading is a tool that people use to tell fortunes. The tarot deck consists of 78 cards that are divided into two parts: the major arcana and the minor arcana. The Major Arcana consists of 22 cards with images and symbols that represent universal archetypes and concepts. The Minor Arcana has four suits with 14 cards each that characterize daily life.

Tarot card readers, especially those attuned to love and romance, shuffle the cards and pick one card from each suit, which is called a “spread”. They will then lay out three cards, one at a time, facing up and place them in order from left to right. This is called “the layout” or “reading”, and this is only a single example of how it is done. The card spread will vary based on the reading style, spiritual awareness, and alignment of the tarot reader and client.

A tarot reading can offer insight into what’s happening in your life right now, what may occur in the future, or give you answers to any other question you might have. It can also help you make decisions about your life by giving you guidance and clarity.

Tarot cards often serve as a tool for divination. The term tarot is derived from the Italian word tarocchi, which means a type of playing card. Readings are based on the belief that we all have an invisible energy force around us and that tarot readers can tap this energy to interpret the past, present, and future. A tarot session usually involves shuffling cards and drawing one or more cards to answer specific questions about your life.

A tarot card deck is an object of occult and divinatory significance. The most common use of the cards is to read their meaning with a spiritual or intuitive reading. For the purposes of this text, our review team narrowed its focus to services offering skilled professionals in the area of the love tarot. 

Tarot cards have been used for centuries to tell the future and predict what will happen in the future. They are used by asking a question, then turning over cards from a tarot deck and interpreting them to answer the question asked. They are also used as a tool for meditation and spiritual guidance. This can be done by focusing on either one card or several at once, or by shuffling them, drawing a single card, and then meditating on its meaning while contemplating all the other cards drawn so far.

Which other cards interact with the love card?

Interpretation of tarot cards is about so much more than simply the meaning of the card itself. There is also the layout, the draw order, the orientation the card is drawn in, and interactions between one card and others in the draw. Potential interactions with the love card are plentiful due to the tarot’s multifaceted nature. Two sets of exciting interactions with the love card come from the Swords and Cups suits.

  • Ace of Swords

One of the ways in which you can interpret one of the many love tarot readings is to use the ace of swords. This will bring you significant insight into the relationship. You see, the ace of swords cards represent a strong possibility for commitment and friendship. If your relationship has hit some challenges, this could indicate that the relationship is not strong enough to overcome these obstacles.

  • Seven of Swords

Another way in which you could interpret the love tarot readings is to look at the seven of swords. These have an aspect of harmony and balance. You see, these cards reflect aspects of your relationship with another person. In many cases, they show what your current lifestyle is adding up to. If you find that your relationship is unbalanced, the seven swords will likely reinforce this message.

If the relationship is ending, you may find that the seven of swords cards reflect this. With a reading for love, you would expect to see this if the relationship has been volatile and there has been a lot of hurt and pain.

  • Cups Suit

Another great way to look at a free love tarot reading is to go with the cups. The cups represent elements of your relationship with your soul mate. For example, if you are working in an environment that provides you with many ups and downs and little opportunities, the cups may reflect this.

However, if you are working in an environment that provides many opportunities and few obstacles, then the cups cards will show you how you are feeling, and you may find that you need to work on your relationship more. 

It is important to reiterate that these are mere examples in a vacuum. Even while the above is true, the meaning changes based on a variety of factors involved in the session. These are some of the various reasons why finding the right psychic reader is so important.

How should I prepare for a love tarot reading? 

To best prepare for a free love tarot reading, you should think about the kind of reading you would like to have and what your intentions are for it. There are many different types of readings in tarot, some for  general guidance into a situation while others are more specific. Different readings require different preparations. For this list, if you want a tarot session that has to do with love, then you should think about the type of person(s) in your life that you want insight on and what kind of wisdom you’re looking for. 

If this is your first time having a tarot card reading, it may help to go over some tarot card basics beforehand so that you know what they mean and how they relate to each other.


A love tarot reading can help you gain insight into your current romantic situation. A free love tarot reading is a way to get in touch with how you feel about someone and what direction you want your relationship to go in. You might choose to do this if you are unsure whether or not you should be with someone, assess how your current relationship is going, or if you are potentially approaching a relationship milestone, such as insight on proposing marriage. When done correctly, a love tarot reading can give you some much-needed clarity so that you can make an informed decision about your relationship. The services on our list are excellent entry points to dabble in the mystical side of love.

When you have the tarot cards for your true love, you will be able to see this through the various cards. You will also be able to identify what is bringing the two of you down or what could be making things worse. Often when we have a relationship, we tend to ignore the things that bring us down. However, a free love tarot reading can help bring those things to light so you can see that your relationship is truly worth something.