Almost all phone chat lines have free trials, which means if you’re a first-time caller, you don’t have to pay a cent to try it out! For most of these chat lines, you record a short greeting and then listen to other greetings until you find one that stands out to you. Then, request to chat with them! 

Excited to get started? We’ve rounded up the top 12 phone chat lines of 2022 you can try immediately. 

Top 12 Chat Lines with Free Trials of 2022

  1. Livelinks – 1-844-951-3537 – Best overall number
  2. Talk121 – 1-855-677-0545 – Best free trial
  3. Hot Latinas Chat – 1-800-309-9388Best latin line
  4. 1800 Personals – 1-213-687-7675 – Best caller base
  5. Local Hot Chat – 1-888-710-2625 – Best flirty line
  6. Livetalk – 1-800-444-5483 – Best hybrid singles and naughty number
  7. Girls Flirt Free – 1-800-364-4757– Best for women
  8. Howl Line – 1-888-655-6366 – Best singles number
  9. Phone and Flirt – 1-800-381-5455 – Best caller experience
  10. Hollar Line – 1-888-650-2223 – Best black line
  11. Desires Chat – 1-888-598-8336 – Best confessional number
  12. RedHot Dateline – 1-844-745-2585 – Best for late night

Here are our runner-up numbers sorted by category:


FreeChatGirls: 1-866-995-5331

Questchat: 1-888-889-6565

Grapevine Personals: 1-250-984-3322

1-800-DATE-LINE: 1-800-DATE-LINE

Lavalife Voice: 1-877-800-5282

Social Voice USA: 1-844-706-5518

Black Singlez: 1-800-287-3991

Metrovibe: 1-877-390-6677

TangoPersonals: 1-800-810-8108

MegaMates: 1-866-718-4930


Axxess Latino: 1-702-966-2200

Español Chat: 1-888-674-8887

Fonochat: 1-877-375-2612

Latino Phone Chat: 1-888-702-8887

Española Chat: 1-800-304-6635

Beeper Love: 1-855-972-7944

Latino Voices: 1-888-903-0505


Vibeline: 1-844-931-4744

Metrochat: 1-206-876-5675

Black Phone Chat: 1-800-319-7277

Black Singles Chat: 1-888-671-2742

Metrovibe: 1-877-390-6677

Black Singlez: 1-800-287-3991


Exotic Chat Line: 1-888-633-9453

Taboo Chat: 1-855-50-TABOO

Night Exchange: 1-866-917-8328

Party Lines Uncensored: 1-712-432-4800

Adam and Eve Hot Chat: 1-800-278-5181

Keep reading to discover the pros and cons of each chat line, answers to frequently asked questions, and some phone chat tips to get you ready!

Remember, most free trials only allow you to browse profiles and send virtual messages. If you wish to speak live in one-on-one conversation, you’ll have to pay for a membership. However, browsing profiles will give you a good idea whether it’s the right chat line for you.

  1. Livelinks (60 minutes)

LiveLinks is a popular choice for people trying out phone chat lines for the first time. It’s been around since the 90s and has a large caller base on any given day. This phone chat line is known for genuine singles building solid connections with like-minded people. It is open to all genders and sexual orientations, which means you have a high chance of meeting the right pick for you relatively quickly! 

Like most other chat lines, LiveLinks is free for women, but men fear not – it offers a whopping 60 minutes free trial! This one-hour trial is a huge reason for its popularity, as it’s ample time to get to know someone. 

– Most well-known in North America
– Has been in service for over 20 years
– Extremely long free trial

Most popular means you may have to weed through prank callers
– More men than women 

  1. Talk121 (30 minutes)

Talk121 is a phone chat line that’s been around for longer than most other phone lines. It’s done an exceptional job at staying modernized and keeping up with any technological advances.

It serves as a fun party line service that allows you to chat with multiple callers simultaneously. It has people who are looking for love, casual sex, or lasting friendships! If you want to party with strangers and develop strong bonds, this phone chat line will help with just that!

– Party chat with a group of hot people
– Easy to understand web interface
– 35 minutes free trial

– Conditions for the free trial is not clear
– Not specific to dating – open to friendships and a wide range of connections

  1. Hot Latinas Chat (30 minutes)

Hot Latinas Chat is the #1 Latino phone chat line available! Latino lines usually cater to Latino/Latina men and women who want to easily connect and flirt. But Hot Latinas Chat is open to anyone who wants to speak to a feisty, beautiful Latina.

Most folks on this chat line are sexually adventurous and want to explore their wildest, freakiest fantasies. It’s not for those who will be easily offended, looking for love, or don’t care about sex. Hot Latinas Chat is a great way to spice up your life and meet sexy Latinas near you or even have a hot video call to end the night! 

– Best Latin chat line
– Offers video chat on the website
– Sexually open and safe environment

– Not for folks who aren’t sexually open
– Site looks outdated

  1. 1800 Personals (30 minutes)

1800 Personals is a chat line that provides connections locally and nationwide to singles all over North America. The phone line is a hit with a range of people interested in flirting, romance, love, or even a night of passion! This chat service aims to unite singles in a personal and intimate way. 

While it’s easy to get started and many people are using it, men only have a 5-minute free trial before they have to sign up for a membership – which is inexpensive. And the website looks outdated and unappealing for first-time chatters. Give it a try if you want to join group chats or set up a one-on-one chat!

– Connects local callers in the USA and Canada
– Membership is affordable compared to others

– Website looks tacky and outdated
– Free trial is only 5 minutes 

  1. Local Hot Chat (5 minutes)

The main goal of Local Hot Chat is connecting to a hot single in your area and opening up the possibility of meeting up in person for a naughty time together. This chat line will not connect you to someone who lives too far from you. 

Local Hot Chat is a chatline company notorious for horny, sexual conversations that revolve around kinks, fantasies, and desires. If you’re a newbie to chat lines, you may want to build up a tolerance so you’re not thrown into the wolves. This phone dating chat line guarantees that you’ll only be talking to real-life people who you can potentially meet in real life – if you wanted. So you never have to worry about fake operators paid to chat with you. 

– Only connects you with local singles
– Very erotic conversation about fantasies

– No paid operators or fake people

  1. Livetalk (10 minutes)

LiveTalk is a phone chat line that offers a safe phone dating experience for adults who are 18+. Only available in the United States (as opposed to some phone chat lines available all over North America), this chat line fosters genuine connections. 

It hasn’t been around since the 1990s, but it has certainly created a name for itself in the phone dating environment. It’s one of the most talked-about chat lines at the moment, as it never uses paid operators. LiveTalk values connecting singles who are genuinely interested in creating a fulfilling bond with someone over the phone.

– Website holds comprehensive instructions & information
– Lots of single locals
– Never uses operators

– Only 10 minutes of the free trial
– Not available in Canada, only in the USA 

  1. Girls Flirt Free (5 minutes)

Most chat lines cater to men. Girls Flirt Free stands against that and caters specifically to women who want to flirt with numerous men! It’s free for women, so they can call in and find sexy men and women to chat with. Despite being advertised for women, men love this phone chat line because they know they have the chance to chat with bold and interesting women. 

Girls Flirt Free takes sexy and romantic connections to another level. It has a large caller base, so this chat line is a great way to meet many sexy singles interested in intimate and hot conversations! 

– Catered to women
– Live chatters are available all over the USA and Canada

– Only a 5-minute free trial 

  1. Howl Line (5 minutes)

Howlline is self-proclaimed the “wildest chat line in the world”. It’s known for intense and fast-paced conversations with like-minded people. If you’re looking for sexual fun and want to find people looking for the same kind of fun, you will definitely find a match! 

The free trial for men is only 5 minutes long. Engaging in a naughty chat line like this will cost you money – but it’s worth it if you want to meet exciting women who don’t hold anything back! Howlline is only available in the United States, and you can be connected to locals or singles nationwide. 

Kinky and wild, perfect for casual daters
– Easy to use

– Only in the United States
– 5-minute free trial 

  1. Phone and Flirt (5 minutes)

Phone and Flirt is a popular phone chat line for young folks in their 20s who want to flirt, date, and have a good time with a match one-on-one. It’s a great chatline to make friends or enjoy a solid flirting experience with hundreds of others. With tens of thousands of active members and new callers every day, you will meet a vast selection of people any time you hop on the line. 

Whether you want to meet someone you connect with on an emotional level or want to have a sensual and sexy conversation, this phone line will help you find the apt partner! Surprise yourself with Phone and Flirt. 

– Appeals to a younger crowd
– Mostly for erotic chat, but can find romantic connections
– Available in USA and Canada

– Outdated website interface
– Unclear instructions on the website

  1. Hollar Line (5 minutes)

Hollar Line was made and is advertised for Black singles, but many people of color like to use it to meet other POCs. This chatline is for flirty, erotic, and fun conversation. You can potentially meet someone looking for love, but it’s rare to find that on here. 

While looking a little outdated, the website is thorough and has everything you need to know in bold fonts. There are no hidden fees or extra charges. What you see is what you get on Hollar Line. The registration is quick, and you will be on your way to connect with someone who has the same intentions as you, and you can get your freak on! 

– Made for Black folks
– Pricing and subscriptions are comprehensive
– Quick registration

– Not so much for romantic connections
– 5 minutes free trial

  1. Desires Chat (5 minutes)

Desires Chat is about… you guessed it! Your deepest, darkest desires. With full discretion and anonymity, you’ll get connected to hot singles around you to confess your naughty, frisky desires and get a chance to hear their deep longings! The best part about Desires Chat is that everyone knows what they are signing up for and keeps an open mind, so you don’t have to worry about being judged. 

While other chatlines are mostly just to connect with and have phone sex with local singles, Desires Chat places the utmost importance on revealing secret desires to feel understood and liberated. So if this is something that appeals to you, hop on and start revealing and listening! 

– 100% anonymous and safe
– Open-minded people
– Focuses on fantasy and desire

– Only 5 minutes of the free trial 

  1. RedHot Dateline (30 minutes)

Last but not least, we have Redhot Dateline. This phone chat line is popular for those on the hunt for real people who want to have real fun. There are no paid operators or fake people on here. It is for instant sexy connections between people who want to remain anonymous – so you never even have to disclose your name or anything about you. 

The phone experience you have on Redhot Dateline probably won’t compare to any other phone line because this is all about wild, uncensored, erotic phone sex. If you’re looking for a casual, sexual connection, this dating chat line will give you everything you need… and then some! 

– 30 minutes free trial
– Easy registration
– User-friendly features

– Not for long-term relationships
– Have to get a membership for perks 

FAQ about Phone Chat Lines

Q: What is “phone dating”?
Although it’s not as popular as online dating, phone dating has been around for ages! It’s a fun and safe way to meet new people around your area or across the United States and Canada. Similar to online dating, you can create a membership, record a voice greeting message, browse through other voice profiles and connect live to matches – but all over the phone. Phone chat lines even hide your phone number, making it a safe way to date!

Q: What are the benefits of phone dating vs. online dating?
Online dating is popular, but it’s very superficial and based mostly on appearances. Phone dating is more personal and allows you to establish connections solely based on conversation and getting to know personalities. When you don’t have looks to distract you, you’ll be more open to being yourself and digging deeper. 

Q: Are phone chat lines safe?
Phone chat lines have an image of being unsafe because you don’t get to see a face while you’re “dating” or flirting. But it doesn’t have to be that way if you take proper safety precautions.Here are some safety tips to remember when using singles chatlines:

Here are some safety tips to remember:

  • Make sure you chat with them for a substantial amount of time before meeting them in person. Create a connection and go with your gut. 
  • Choose a very public place to meet up. Never agree to go to a lonely place or over to their house. 
  • Let a trusted family or friend know where you are and keep them updated if you’re moving locations after you meet up with your phone date. 
  • In case you feel threatened or uncomfortable during your date, make sure you have a backup plan – a friend coming to meet you or calling you to check in so you can make an excuse to leave.

Phone Chat Tips

Even though you will be casually chatting with and dating people on the phone, it’s important to remember dating etiquette and manners. While phone dating may not seem as serious as online dating, keep in mind that it’s a great way to get to know someone on a deeper level before meeting in person. 

So use these tips to your advantage to have the best phone chat experience:

  1. Be upfront about what you want.
    When you’re flirting and dating someone, whether you meet them online or on a phone line, make sure you’re both looking for the same thing. Let your match know whether you’re looking to have a casual, fun time or whether you’re looking for a long-lasting relationship. It’ll save you and your match time knowing you’re on the same page.
  2. Never share your personal info.
    It shouldn’t come as a surprise that scammers are lurking around every corner – even on phone chat lines. Keep your personal information to yourself, and don’t let anyone get to you. 

Personal info includes your address, social security number, credit card info, and banking information. No matter how dire the circumstance, no one on a phone chat line should be asking you for this information, and you should not feel obligated to give it up.

  1. Be yourself.
    The whole point of dating is to find a chat partner that gels well with your personality. Don’t be afraid to open up and fully be yourself. Your authentic personality and quirks will be super attractive for the right person!
  2. Don’t dominate the entire chat.
    A phone conversation on an adult chat line is between two parties. If one dominates the other, there is no connection being built. So be mindful of how long you’re talking when on a chatline number and take conscious breaks to let your match have their turn to speak!
  1. Don’t call when anyone else is around.
    When you’re on a chat date, the last thing you want is to have your mom, roommate, or kids walking in. It’s disruptive and maybe embarrassing. So make sure you’re all alone, and you won’t get interrupted.