Little Gallery on Fessenden (left) next to Little Free Library; Courtsey of Sidney Edelmann

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Little Gallery on Fessenden

In the first months of the pandemic, people made bread, took up knitting, and learned other new hobbies to pass the time inside. Sid Edelmann, a retired Tenleytown resident, had already picked up woodworking after leaving a career at the World Bank. His wife was already making pottery. By July 2021, those endeavors turned into Little Gallery, a bright spot in the neighborhood for artists young and old to display their craft. Edelmann built the wooden art gallery to include two shelves and a box for audio exhibits, opening up Little Gallery to artists from Friendship Heights, American University Park, and Tenleytown. The top shelf is reserved for adult artists, while the lower is for children. If you venture to the gallery now, you’ll find Stacey Marien’s advent calendar of knitted ornaments, Meghan Thompson’s acrylic paintings, and Betsy Paull’s rendition of “Let It Snow” on the ukulele. While confined to Fessenden Street NW, this mini gallery has had quite the reach. Since its debut, it has displayed works from 21 artists, highlighting poets, potters, photographers, stamp collectors, and a 3D topographical artist. And while books have never been featured, Edelmann’s Little Gallery was named Best D.C. Little Free Library, selected by city residents via the D.C. State Fair. The award brought those behind the community endeavor great cheer. In the hustle and bustle of the holidays, Little Gallery promises to put a smile on your face. Plus, 4400 Fessenden St. NW has something for everyone. The gallery sits next to Marien’s Little Free Library and a Stick Library for your furry friends. Visit Little Gallery out front of 4400 Fessenden St. NW. Free.