StoneCold at DC9
StoneCold headlines at DC9; Credit: StoneCold

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StoneCold, Not My Vice!, Shallow Planet at DC9

For those that think rock is dead, or that the kids don’t know how to rock, or any other tired cliche, this three act bill full of young locals should renew your faith in guitars. Headliners StoneCold consist of five Northern Virginia musicians, some of whom wouldn’t be able to enter DC9 if this were a 21 and up show (thankfully, it’s an all ages night). The winners of the 2018 Loudoun County Youth Battle of the Bands and Alex’s Army’s 2019 Battle of the Bands are graduating, in a sense, to city rock clubs—the Dec. 19 show is their first performance at the 9th Street NW venue. But they’re not new to making music with a hard rock edge. StoneColdAngelina Daly (guitar), Nadia Daly (keyboard, bass), Kaelin Fannon (guitar, bass), Ryanne Mills (vocals), and Lauren Moore (drums)—have been writing music since 2016. Their newest EP, Crown, released in the fall of 2021, has a Black Crowes boogie, with Heart-inspired guitar riffs, and Evanescence-esque vocals. Not My Vice! is another five-piece, this time out of D.C. Their love of acts like Buckcherry, Guns N’ Roses, and The Darkness shine through via lead singer Ize Heavener‘s vocals. (Related, Ize Heavener is a perfect stage and/or real name.) Rounding out the bill is Shallow Planet, a trio of NoVa players making laidback, guitar-driven mood music. If you’re into modern Incubus or the Red Hot Chili Peppers catalog that sounds more like John Frusciante than Anthony Keidis, you’ll most likely enjoy Shallow Planet. The show starts at 8 p.m on Dec. 19 at DC9, 1940 9th St. NW. $13.