Goodbye, Vienna
Goodbye, Vienna drops their first, self-titled EP Credit: Courtesy of Goodbye, Vienna

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Goodbye, Vienna EP Release

Goodbye, Vienna burst onto the pandemic-riddled D.C. music scene with a mix of sheer technical talent and pioneering creativity. Their charisma, imitable guitar solos, complex bass lines, and the frontman’s choirboy innocence sets them apart. Originally expected to be released in November, but pushed to Dec. 15, the band’s self-titled EP, Goodbye, Vienna, showcases what makes this group so special: versatility, vulnerability, and catchy originality. “One More Time” is a modern take on ’70s funk that playfully blends music reminiscent of the Arctic Monkeys into a groovy, fresh number. Written and sung by Will Theuer, the tune is about trying to move on from unhealthy relationships, but not having the mature clarity to cut the cord. For a first-time songwriter, the lyrics are rivetingly relatable and with a full sound and jazzy drum fills, the song is an unforgettable hit. Bassist Collin Henson penned and sang “Ceiling Fan,” a memorable, skater-pop melody that builds up into power rock. The song is about the elusive joie de vivre that breaks up the monotony of everyday life. The chorus rings out, “I feel it in my bones,” with infectious energy that’s impossible not to sing along to. Rounded out by drummer Aaron Laub and guitarist Jake Butt, the band’s harmonies are impeccable, and there haven’t been original guitar solos like these since the likes of the Strokes. Theuer’s emotive, mellifluous voice and the band’s innovative indie rock are not to be missed. Picture Weezer going to a jazz club with Stevie Ray Vaughan, and you’ve got Goodbye, Vienna. The sky’s the limit. Goodbye, Vienna’s self-titled EP drops on the afternoon of Dec. 15 via the band’s bandcamp profile.