Courtesy of the Birchmere

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A John Waters Christmas

This holiday season, legendary Baltimore filmmaker, author, and actor John Waters returns to Alexandria’s Birchmere on his 25th(!) Annual Christmas Tour. He will be delivering his ingenious, grotesque gifts of comedy once again in the format of a one-man show. But if you expect the same-old same-old, you don’t know Waters. This year, expect a revamped take on the cult classic show, as the press release promises the “booster shot you need to get you through the holidays.” Having recently broken out of a “two-year home detention” in his hometown, the 75-year old Waters is putting it all on the table. Expect a COVID responsive, vaudeville-esque performance featuring topics ranging from “contaminated presents” to Santa’s vaccination status and obsessive embrace of capitalist culture. Everything has changed, surely. In a recent interview with Northern Virginia Magazine, Waters elaborated that he may even be done with the “pope of trash” moniker, saying that “[Donald] Trump ruined bad taste forever. It’s not funny anymore because he ruined it. His taste was so appalling. It wasn’t even funny. So to me, the golden age of bad taste was ended with Trump.” Still, there will be a little wiggle room for a little bad taste, and Waters knows his audiences are along for the “sleazy sleigh-ride.” In the same interview, Waters described the Birchmere as one of his favorite venues, announcing, “It’s really my home for the Christmas show. The audiences there are all ages, all tastes, all very diverse, and at the same time they all have a good sense of humor.” The show will be 70 minutes of comedy, with an audience Q&A at the end. A John Waters Christmas starts at 7:30 p.m. on Dec. 15 at the Birchmere, 3701 Mount Vernon Ave., Alexandria. $55.