CBD continues to top the charts in terms of health support not only for the receptors of the human endocannabinoid system but for dogs as well. Did you know this specific extract of the cannabis plant has been proven to ease anxiety, manage appetite, and decrease pain when used as part of a dog’s health wellness regimen? When it comes to our dogs we want to give them the very best we can as pet owners – CBD oil is no exception. 

As we continue to discover the effects of CBD, and how it can improve the quality of life for humans and dogs alike, let’s take a look at the best CBD oil products for dogs in 2022.

Finding the Best CBD for Dogs

As you begin your journey searching through countless CBD hemp oil blogs and CBD products, in an effort to improve your dog’s life, you may notice a common theme. Before long you may begin feeling a bit overwhelmed at the pure abundance of CBD products available online, which is where dog owners alike should be cautious. 

There are a few key elements to be aware of to avoid suppliers who are geared toward generating quick sales. Just like people, dogs deserve the very best when it comes to health supplements. This is especially true if your canine suffers from chronic pain or arthritis, anxiety, and more. For this reason, we have chosen a few of the best CBD oil brands known for their dedication to quality.

5 Best CBD Oils for Dogs Reviewed (2022)

1. Blessed CBD

The UK’s most loved CBD brand has now arrived in the USA! 

Offering some of the highest quality CBD oil concentrations on the market, Blessed CBD offers premium-grade CBD oil products. Exactly what your dog needs. Blessed CBD’s hemp plants are grown using non-GMO farming methods in Colorado, USA. This means each bottle is full of gluten-free, natural ingredients your pet will love. 

Blessed CBD’s hemp extract is grown free of herbicides or pesticides and processed via CO2 extraction to avoid the use of ethanol extraction methods, solvents, or chemicals. 

Plus, their CBD oil products are accompanied by a certificate of analysis provided by third-party labs, to provide a level of transparency you’d be hard-pressed to find elsewhere.

With a helpful customer support team, fast shipping times, and a reputation for offering UK consumers with the best CBD products, Blessed CBD is a welcome addition to the growing CBD industry in the USA. Voted the best CBD brand in the UK by Reader’s Digest, Men’s Journal, The JC, Worthing Herald, and The Scotsman, Blessed CBD is on a mission to become the most trusted CBD brand globally.

If you’re looking to buy the best CBD for your dog, we recommend Blessed CBD.

Buy CBD oil for your dog at BlessedCBD.com

2. Fab CBD

When it comes to pet CBD oil, Fab CBD offers organic CBD oil in various dosage options. Pet parents can choose between CBD oils for dogs and CBD dog treats – and everything is neatly packaged in a box with details in regard to proper dosing. 

While they don’t have as big of a selection as the other CBD companies on our list, they’re committed to natural ingredients as evident in their choice of THC-free CBD pet oils for dogs. 

Fab CBD’s all-round quality makes them our second choice for overall CBD dog wellness.

Learn more at FabCBD.com

3. NuLeaf Naturals

Coming in at number three, NuLeaf Naturals now offers full-spectrum CBD oil pet products for your dog – so your furry friends can also enjoy the entourage effect. Pet parents can choose between natural flavor, chicken-flavored, peanut butter or unflavored oil options, in a 30ML or 100ML amber glass bottle. 

Your dog will benefit from a pure dose of cannabinoids (CBD, CBDA, CBG, etc) and terpenes known for looking after their endocannabinoid system for decreased pain, anxiety, and appetite. This is especially beneficial for dogs reaching their senior years, as weather and temperature influence pain levels throughout the day. 

Learn more at NuLeafNaturals.com

4. CBDistillery

CBDistillery’s full spectrum hemp extract utilizes cold-pressed hemp seed oil to provide your pets with the same CBD benefits you enjoy. Take advantage of their third-party lab testing, for a detailed glimpse into the contents of every drop of oil, and lack of preservatives within their CBD tincture. Thanks to non-GMO industrial hemp sourcing, you can rest assured in the natural contents of each dropper for the highest benefit with each dose. 

Similar to Blessed CBD, CBDistillery uses the CO2 extraction method, and offers a variety of carrier oil options for your dog to enjoy the benefits of CBD oil – such as MCT coconut oil.

Now your pets can enjoy decreased stress and pain management, in a CBD oil that’s easy to digest.

5. HolistaPet

Offering broad-spectrum CBD oil for dogs, derived from organic hemp, HolistaPet features a full line of CBD oil products. Whether your pet prefers soft chews, dog treats, full-spectrum CBD oil, CBD shampoo, and even CBD capsules, HolistaPet’s CBD oil works to improve the well-being of your four-legged friend. 

By combining the power of superfoods, such as turmeric, flaxseed, Boswellia, and hemp seed, HolistaPet is poised to provide your pet with an improved nervous system and higher quality of living. Still curious? HolistaPet has a super helpful FAQ section on their website to address any of your questions or concerns regarding CBD oil for your dog.

Other notable mentions of brands which didn’t quite make our list are Honest Paws and CBDfx.

How Did We Choose the Best CBD for Dogs?

Because CBD is not created equal, finding a trusted company for buying CBD is no easy task. While most suppliers claim their CBD oil products are the best, they simply do not have the data to back them up. Cheaper products may contain unsafe levels of heavy metals, especially if they are below human grade. These manufacturers may highlight their best reviews and offer special pricing, but the contents of each dropper aren’t as pure as promised. After purchasing you may notice the product doesn’t perform well for your pet even after continued use and begin to worry this was all for not.

We began our search for the best CBD oil for dogs by ensuring the CBD company utilizes product verification through lab testing, thereby providing third-party lab results. This enables each pet owner to know exactly what they’re giving their dogs, to avoid fillers, additives, contaminants, and ingredients otherwise deemed unsafe for pets. Reputable and quality brands such as Blessed CBD take great pride in their products, striving to ensure the purest CBD oil for dogs with no harmful side effects.

Dosing requirements are another important aspect of selecting high-quality CBD oil for dogs. Your CBD dosage is usually calculated using the severity level and your dog’s weight (small dogs will require a lower dosage compared to bigger dogs). 

The use of high-quality carrier oils, such as coconut oil or MCT oil, is another factor in our selection process. When pet-oriented health supplements such as this are grown without pesticides and herbicides, your dog can enjoy the anti-inflammatory components of the hemp plant, in addition to other health benefits of CBD.

We also checked to see if any of the brands offered a 30-day money-back guarantee, and whether they had various CBD products for dogs – such as topicals, treats, chews and other CBD isolates.

What is CBD Oil?

The Cannabis Sativa plant produces a variety of cannabinoids, including CBD (Cannabidiol). This naturally occurring derivation of the industrial hemp plant sets forth a multitude of benefits for humans and dogs alike. Unlike marijuana or weed, CBD contains trace to zero amounts of THC (tetrahydrocannabinol). In short, although THC has unique medicinal properties and psychoactive effects, it isn’t legal for sale in most parts of the USA. CBD won’t get you high like marijuana. Whether you love it or hate it, chances are you have at least heard of CBD and the benefits it’s praised for. 

Chances are if you are shopping for CBD oil geared toward dogs, you already have some sort of understanding surrounding the use of CBD oil. Even if your puppy experiences slight side effects from the use of CBD, it won’t be nearly as severe as those of various medications. Most pet owners recognize the improvements set forth by CBD, as they observe their canines enjoying life pain-free. If your dog suffers from limited mobility, decreased sleep, and impaired mood or even anxiety, CBD oil could be the beginning of a better life. 

We recommend Blessed CBD as the best CBD oil for dogs.

How Much CBD Oil Should I Give My Dog?

Stress affects animals in a similar way as humans, such as life events, loud noises, and more. Much like it benefits pet parents, when you use CBD oil, it works to calm down dogs to make them feel safer. In addition to nervousness and anxiety, CBD oil can help pets suffering from seizures associated with epilepsy, and joint pain. 

CBD oil has been especially successful in pets after injuries and surgeries, for the alleviation of pain without a strong prescription and harmful side effects. Dogs who deal with inflammation on a daily basis will also benefit from CBD oil. If you want to improve your dog’s quality of life, without harsh chemicals and medication, CBD oil may be exactly what you’re looking for.

Tips on Dosing CBD for Dogs

Unlike humans, dogs have unique dosing requirements that may take several tries to perfect. It’s highly recommended that pet owners adhere to dosage recommendations set forth by the manufacturer, and increase the MG of CBD only as needed. 

Don’t forget to take your dog’s body weight into strict consideration, otherwise, you may provide the wrong dose. There may also be various situations that arise in which an additional dose is needed, but not as part of their daily regimen. In terms of pain management, your dog may need doses administered every few hours, several times a day, and more. Don’t be afraid to speak to your vet about how CBD oil can help your dog.

Side Effects of CBD for Dogs

As with any health supplement, there may be some side effects for dogs and their humans. Remember to stick to the recommended dose, and your chances of side effects will decrease significantly. With that in mind, symptoms of administering a strong amount of CBD extract may include:

  • Sleepiness or Drowsiness
    If your dog begins sleeping more than normal, you might try lowering their dose of CBD. As you lower the dosage, take note of whether or not their activity level increases.
  • Lowered Blood Pressure
    Because CBD oil is used to calm your pet down, a slightly lowered blood pressure is to be expected. This is especially true in dogs that suffer from anxiety. This symptom should be temporary.
  • Dry Mouth
    Because CBD oil can cause reduced saliva production, your dog may experience the side effect of dry mouth. Ensure your pet is supplied with a fresh supply of water through the day, and this should ease up.

Try Blessed CBD – Best CBD Oil for Dogs

While a human’s medicine cabinet may be well-stocked with supplements meant to ease pain, that doesn’t always mean it will work for your pet. For this reason, we chose CBD oil companies that have invested in research, lab testing, and more. 

If it’s time to add a few dog-oriented supplements to your shelf, don’t be afraid to consider CBD oil to ease their ailments. Pet wellness goes beyond holistic brands of dog food and long walks. If your dog is suffering from chronic pain, anxiety and stress, or even the symptoms of aging, our assortment of the best CBD oils for dogs in 2022 is well worth a try.

We recommend Blessed CBD – the #1 rated CBD oil product for dogs.