Lexi Marie
Local artist Lexi Marie's first solo show is viewable through Jan. 2; Credit: setitoff.tv

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​​Lex Marie’s Remember? Remember.

Local artist Lex Marie primarily works in oil paint on canvas. But for her first solo exhibit, Remember? Remember., she uses a new medium: old school documents. Remember? Remember. consists of two installations and 15 paintings with collages of old report cards, certificates, and other childhood mementos. As Lex explains, this unique combination of materials has allowed her to explore her childhood memories—the exhibit features various self-portraits of her as a child. But she also hopes it will inspire similar reactions in viewers, as evident in the exhibit’s title. “It’s called Remember? Remember. because it’s asking people, or asking myself, or others asking me if I remember and making the statement that we should remember these things,” Lex tells City Paper. The artist also hopes her latest work will inspire Black children to see themselves in her paintings, an opportunity she did not have growing up. “When I was a child, the exposure I got to the arts, especially in this area, was going to the Smithsonian and seeing art of people who don’t look like me,” explains Lex. “It was after college that I was exposed to Black artists who were successful for doing what they love and staying true to the art they have on their hearts. I want kids to see themselves on this wall. This exhibition, in particular, touches a lot on education and I wanted to make school cool again.” Remember? Remember. is split between two locations: Arena Social Arts Club, 507 8th St. SE, and Thaddeus Stevens School, 1050 21st St. NW, and will be up through Jan. 2, 2022. arenasocial.org. Free.