Hey men! Are you feeling like you could use a little more energy in your life? Or are you feeling like old age is catching up with you? We get it. You still feel young, but your body wants to slow down. Thankfully, there is help, and it is called Testogen. Best of all, it is a natural supplement that can be delivered to your home. 

No prescription is necessary, and it is delivered in plain packaging. So, keep reading if you are ready to feel younger. We have everything you need to know about Testogen, plus the pros and cons to help you decide. Let us get started.

Testogen: Brand Overview

Testogen is sold online and can be purchased at testogen.com. 

It is manufactured by MuscleClub Ltd., a company that is dedicated to the creation and release of supplements that help men and women do more than they ever dreamed when it comes to crushing their athletic goals. The company had its first beginnings in 1999 but was fully realized in 2015. In addition, they make other great supplements such as Blackwolf and ProCut. 

It is a U.K.-based company, with its main offices in Nottingham. They create their supplements in FDA-approved and GMP-certified facilities in the U.S. and the U.K. 

The Testogen website states that it supports males’ wellness and health by increasing their testosterone levels. Unlike anabolic steroids, however, the ingredients are completely natural and do not have any known negative side effects.

You will take four capsules of Testogen each day as a means of improving your wellbeing. You may notice an improvement in your libido, mood, muscle growth, and fat loss, plus other benefits.

In our research, we found many testosterone boosters out there claim to do many of the same things. So, what sets Testogen apart from the competition is its three-pronged approach to helping men raise their T levels naturally. 

As an added bonus, the formula is also endorsed by Will Pounder, a former MMA fighter, who noted Testogen had made a difference in his life.

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Pro & Cons


  • May help build lean and strong muscles
  • May stimulate production of testosterone
  • May boost self-confidence
  • May improve libido and sexual performance
  • May help reduce fatigue, prolong workouts, and enhance mood


  • Rather expensive

Who Should Use Testogen?

Any man over the age of 18 who feels they could use a boost to their T levels should look into Testogen to see if it is right for them.

Low testosterone means low energy, poor performance in athletic endeavors such as the gym or team sports, and lack of libido, which can leave you and your partner dissatisfied. 

As a result, Testogen is for men who feel they need a little something extra to complement their lifestyle and get them feeling like themselves again.

The makers of Testogen created their supplement to appeal to the following customer base:

Men who are constantly feeling tired, cranky, irritable, and in a bad mood despite getting enough sleep.

Men who are following a healthy lifestyle — eat well, get regular exercise, limit alcohol intake, etc. — but need a boost to get the results they want.

Men who are finding it difficult to keep up with family life, demands at work, and personal obligations, with each day feeling like a tiresome effort.

Men who need a bit of a boost to perform well in the bedroom and satisfy themselves and their partners. 

Men who are struggling to put on muscle mass, especially older guys who would like to tone up and improve their appearance.

Testosterone plays a huge role in men’s mood, libido, energy levels, and more. So, it is important for men’s overall well-being.

The bad news is that testosterone levels drop as we get older. This is natural, and every man experiences this with age. For some men, this begins dropping at age 30. By the time you reach 50, your T levels may drop to about half or even less. But, Testogen may help you reverse these symptoms and help you feel like yourself again. 

With that being said, many of these T boosters claim to offer similar benefits. So, we need to take a close look at the ingredients of Testogen and see how they set this formula apart, which we will do in a bit.


Here are the primary, active ingredients you will find in Testogen. You will be glad to know the formula is free of allergens, GMOs, caffeine, synthetics, and proprietary blends. Instead, the supplement uses minerals, vitamins, and plant-based ingredients to get you feeling like yourself again.

  • Zinc

Zinc is necessary for the production of testosterone. Some studies indicate men who have low levels of zinc also have low levels of testosterone compared to men who get enough of this nutrient every day. 

Every dose of Testogen contains 10mg zinc, which is 100% of the daily recommended value and similar to what you would get in a multivitamin. The creators of Testogen state that zinc alone could increase your T levels by 50% in just six months. 

  • Vitamin D

Specifically, you will get 50mcg of vitamin D3. Men who do not get enough vitamin D3 tend to have lower testosterone levels than those who do get enough of this vitamin. 

  • Boron

8mg of Boron is included in this supplement, and it is excellent for males’ wellness and health. The creators of Testogen indicate the boron in their formula could help you increase your testosterone by as much as 28% in just a single week. 

  • Magnesium

Magnesium is necessary for bone density and keeping your bones strong and healthy. It is also great for increasing the performance of the biochemical reactions within our bodies and helps them function properly, which could lead to better health. 

Magnesium has been shown to increase free and total T.  You will get 200mg of magnesium in Testogen, which could bring you results in just four weeks of consistent use.

  • Vitamin K1

Vitamin K1 is necessary for many of our body’s functions, and it is important for the body’s absorption of vitamin D. Many folks use vitamin D and vitamin K at the same time to provide optimum testosterone support. 

  • D-Aspartic Acid

You will get 2300mg of this ingredient in each dose of Testogen. D-aspartic acid helps our bodies manufacture the luteinizing hormone within the pituitary gland. 

Thus, the Leydig cells of the testes are stimulated and told to produce and release even more testosterone. You may notice a significant increase in your T levels thanks to this ingredient, according to MuscleClub Ltd.

  • Vitamin B6

20mg of vitamin B6 is included to provide greater energy and support for testosterone production. B vitamins are critical for men’s energy.

  • Fenugreek Extract

You will get 40mg of fenugreek extract within this supplement. This is commonly found in testosterone-boosting supplements and has been used for hundreds of years to improve sex drive and libido. 

  • Bioperine

Many supplements nowadays include Bioperine, which is a type of black pepper extract. Bioperine is great for increasing the bioavailability of Testogen, as per MuscleClub’s website. Without this great extract, our bodies could struggle to absorb the ingredients included in the supplement. 

  • Korean Red Ginseng Extract

This is one of the world’s favorite methods of naturally supporting men’s testosterone production. It is a natural, medicinal plant, and you will get 40mg of it within Testogen. 

Korean Red Ginseng Extract is helpful for the increase of libido and also helpful in supporting cognitive function, fat loss, mood, energy, and sexual performance.

  • Nettle Leaf Extract

Ligans are the primary component of stinging nettle roots. This compound helps prevent SHBG, or sex-hormone binding globulin. Once the testosterone attaches to the SHBG, the body cannot use it, so it becomes rather useless. 

By reducing the amount of sex hormone-binding globule in the body, nettle leaf extract lets free T circulate within one’s whole body. In addition, you will get 40mg of this herb in Testogen, which can help decrease SHBG. 

  • Inactive Ingredients

Hypromellose (used in making the vegetable-based capsule), maltodextrin, magnesium stearate, and silica.

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How Does Testogen Work?

Testosterone plays a big part in the physical and mental health of men. It provides them fertility, strength, motivation, and many more benefits. But, this hormone declines as we grow older. 

So, do note that not all men with low T are older guys. There are also plenty of other conditions that can lead to low T, and even when they are younger, a man could experience a deficiency in testosterone at some point. 

It can make some men feel downright bad about themselves if they find they are not performing at their best sexually or physically. 

Embarrassment and frustration could lead men not to seek help for their issues. Also, some men cannot afford such treatments due to lack of insurance or financial hardship. Moreover, some guys may not be able to take the medicines due to their side effects or how they interact with other medications they are taking. 

So, using a supplement like Testogen could be the answer. 

This is a dietary supplement, one that is crafted to help men naturally and quickly raise their testosterone levels. In addition, the natural ingredients contained within could help men stop their low T levels, which tend to get worse as time goes on. 

The product is aimed at men in their 30s to 40s, per the official site for Testogen. Men at this age are often first-time fathers, working in high-pressure careers requiring long hours, and they have to keep up with other obligations such as caring for a home or an aging parent. As a result, such stress can cause your T levels to drop. 

So, What Can You Expect?

You will take four capsules each day with Testogen. As long as you follow the dosing/usage instructions to the letter, you may reap the following benefits:

  • You might experience a betterment of your overall testosterone production and wellness.
  • You may find that you naturally boost your testosterone levels.
  • You may find that you undo the symptoms associated with low T.
  • You will likely enjoy how the natural formula makes you feel. 
  • You will discover that this is a safe method by which to increase your T levels.
  • You may improve fat loss and increase your sex drive and performance, overall energy, and mood.

Testogen is a great formula in that all of the ingredients work together synergistically, providing a complete formula for your overall wellness and testosterone production. 

Its revolutionary blend of herbs, plant extracts, minerals, and vitamins are proven scientifically to increase your testosterone the natural way, no matter how old you are. The company also states you could experience big benefits in just 14 days of using the formula, with the biggest ones occurring after you have taken Testogen for a month. 

After a few weeks of taking it, you may find yourself feeling healthy, strong, focused, energized, and more confident in yourself. You may be able to easily burn off stubborn body fat, pack on more muscle, and perform better sexually. 

The creators of the formula make some pretty big claims. They say that over 725,000 men around the world have increased their testosterone the natural way using Testogen. It is one of the best-selling formulas in this niche. 

The company also states it is possible to greatly increase your T levels using the ingredients of Testogen. The site mentions a T increase ranging anywhere from 20-80% following the consumption of Testogen. 

We did note that MuscleClub, the makers of Testogen, do not have any peer-reviewed papers or clinical trials published to support their claims. However, the company has put together various resources for the ingredients of their formula, so do check those out and the sources we have lined up for this article to learn more. 

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Benefits of Using Testogen?

The benefits of using Testogen are numerous. First of all, the supplement is a completely natural formula, and the capsule is vegan-friendly. 

It is free of dairy, caffeine, fillers, GMOs, gluten, and soy, and it works with your body to give it what it needs most to create enough testosterone. 

Let us get into some of the other benefits associated with Testogen:

  • Stimulates Testosterone Production

Testogen may be effective in helping your body create more testosterone by stimulating the body’s luteinizing hormones, which our pituitary gland makes. 

Remember, this stimulates the Leydig cells in the testes to create and release testosterone. D-aspartic acid is one of Testogen’s main ingredients, and in clinical studies, this amino acid was shown to boost the numbers of luteinizing hormone and testosterone. 

Testogen also uses antioxidants such as vitamin K and vitamin D, along with zinc, to guard Leydig cells against damage. Once your Leydig cells suffer damage, they are unable to create enough testosterone. 

By increasing levels of our luteinizing hormone and ensuring the health of the Leydig cells, we can be certain our body will make testosterone in an efficient and consistent manner.

  • Helps Increase Your Free T Levels

It is known that the bulk of our testosterone is not used. This is because a large amount of it binds to protein molecules found within the blood, which renders it unusable. Thus, you need to increase your free T levels. 

Over half of testosterone binds with a protein known as SHBG, or sex hormone-binding globulin. If the levels of this protein are elevated in the bloodstream, the body ends up having less free T. The levels of SHBG tend to get higher as we get older, leading to the reduction of testosterone. 

Testogen is packed with clinically proven minerals, vitamins, herbs, and more, which may help reduce our SHBG levels and increase the free testosterone in the body. The supplement is excellent for helping you to feel energetic, in a better mood, and confident. It may also help you put on muscle mass and burn stubborn body fat. 

  • Slows Testosterone’s Conversion to Estrogen

As we get older, much of our body’s testosterone converts to estrogen, and this is why testosterone levels tend to go down as we get older. Testogen may help slow testosterone’s conversion, so the levels of this hormone stay elevated, even as you get older and the years go on.

  • It Is Great for Taking Any Time of Day

Testogen says you can take it right before your workout, during a late shift or night, in the middle of your shift at work, or anytime that works for you. It is a great, natural way to get your energy levels up. In addition, it does not contain caffeine, so you do not have to worry about being up all night.

  • Customers Love It

Perhaps the greatest benefit of all is that men just like you have discovered how helpful this supplement is. It is worth checking out the Testogen website so you can see for yourself how great it is just by reading what other guys had to say.

Side Effects

The ingredients of Testogen are safe and effective, not to mention natural. The main ingredients are all backed by various studies that demonstrate how effective they are. 

We did not find any side effects of the negative kind while doing our research on Testogen. It is tolerated well by plenty of men, and we did not note any side effects reported by men in the reviews or other write-ups we read on the products. 

However, there are some caveats to this. For example, if you are on medication, you should speak to your doctor before taking this supplement to make sure none of the ingredients will negatively interact. 

For example, Korean Red Ginseng is a helpful and widely used supplement, but it has been known to interact with other medications. Be sure to read this article for more details on that. 

Secondly, it is possible that some men could experience side effects such as nausea, headache, or indigestion. Most men end up feeling happy after taking Testogen, but every man is different. 

Be sure to carefully monitor how you feel when taking it. If you feel unwell in any way, stop taking it and seek medical help right away. 

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Who Should Refrain from Testogen?

Testogen is designed for men aged 18 and up who feel they could use a bit of a boost in their life. If you are under the age of 18, do not purchase or attempt to use Testogen, as it could be harmful to the health of children who are still growing. 

Nursing and pregnant women should not use Testogen either. This may seem like a silly thing to write, as the supplement is designed for men only. However, we must say this to ensure that moms-to-be or nursing moms do not negatively affect the growth of their children.

Those of you with underlying medical issues should also avoid using Testogen, as it could pose a risk to your health and interfere with your medication. However, should you like to continue using Testogen, be sure to make an appointment and speak to your doctor first. 

Lastly, men hoping to get something out of Testogen that is not really there should not spend money on it. Some guys may think this supplement could increase the size of their penis or provide them with instant sexual prowess. 

But, this is not so. It is a testosterone-boosting supplement and must be taken accordingly to see results. It should also be combined with a healthy lifestyle for the best results.

Dosage & Tips to Start

This is a supplement made with natural ingredients that are designed to help naturally increase your testosterone production. The benefits of Testogen come from taking four capsules each day at any time you like (but we think before breakfast is the best). 

Simply take your capsules 20 minutes before breakfast with a large glass of water, and do not take more than four of these each day. If you follow the directions and maintain a healthy lifestyle, you should begin seeing results in two to six weeks.

Where to Buy Testogen and Guarantees?

The best place to get Testogen is on the website. Buying it from anywhere else could leave you with a counterfeit product, so just stick with the site itself for best results. There, you will find the best deals on this great testosterone booster. 

At the time of this writing, a flash sale was being offered, which can help you save money on your purchase. Just use the code ‘Save20’ when you reach checkout. 

They also offer free worldwide shipping on your order beyond a one-month supply. You will also enjoy a few free bonuses with your order, including a recipe book, weekly premium videos, and two workout guides to get you on the path to greatness. 

These two eBooks are great because one focuses on bodyweight exercise, while the other shows you how overall muscle building works. By following the guides closely, you could maximize your production of testosterone, muscle gains, and strength, plus enjoy other benefits. 

And, if you buy two months’ worth, you will get a single month for free. 

A one-month supply costs $60, a three-month supply costs $120, and a five-month supply costs $180.

There are also combo packages available that feature the Testogen drops. A one-month supply of this costs $90, a three-month supply costs $190, and a five-month supply costs $285.

Now, onto the guarantees of Testogen. If you are not happy with your purchase, you will enjoy a 100-day money-back guarantee. 

If you find that you are not delighted with how Testogen makes you feel, just shoot them an email within 100 days of receipt of the order, and they will refund you the money minus a $15 fixed-claim fee meant to cover admin and shipping charges.

This money-back guarantee applies only to purchases over a one-month supply. 

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Thanks for coming along as we explored the revolutionary product that is Testogen. How could you benefit from taking this? Whether you are looking for more energy to get through the day or just looking to feel a bit younger, Testogen could be the answer.  

Its all-natural blend is available without a prescription and can be bought from the privacy of your living room. So, check it out, read some reviews for yourself, and get yours ordered today. 

Combined with eating well and getting regular physical activity in, you could see results sooner than you think. Best of luck, and enjoy feeling your best with Testogen.