Credit: Nolan Knight

morgxn at Union Stage

In an oh-so-familiar tale, Morgan Isaac Kerr, better known as morgxn, found his life screeching to a halt in March 2020. His birthday trip to Barcelona ended in a flight home to locked-down Los Angeles, where he quickly found himself kicked off his record label. The months that followed were filled with tough conversations, isolation, and a struggle just to keep going. But it was also during this time that the singer-songwriter went viral: Shortly into quarantine, Billie Eilish publicly credited his 2018 song “home” as inspiration for her Grammy-nominated single “bad guy,” and his pandemic release “WONDER” turned into a social media success, taking TikTok and other streaming platforms by storm. It even caught the attention of Sara Bareilles. Now, the alt-pop singer is back in his native Nashville and ready to kick off his tour with Smallpools. In a way, touring and his soon-to-be-released MERIDIAN: vol 2 are a comeback statement—the sign of a new chapter in morgxn’s life and career. But with an unassuming profoundness, morgxn pushes back on that narrative. Instead, he views his new music to be in conversation with his past releases. He asks, will what he says matter? How can the world carry around the hurt of the past 18 months? Not necessarily in search of answers, the self-processed “explorer” turned inward and then to music. MERIDIAN promises to challenge rules in the way that morgxn does so well—blending beautiful, upbeat tracks with honest, questioning lyrics. Come to his Nov. 7 concert at Union Stage ready to work through your discomfort. It’s in those spaces, morgxn says, the magic of his music truly shines. morgxn opens for Smallpools at 8 p.m. on Nov. 7 at Union Stage, 740 Water St. SW.  $25–$35.