We have all heard the usual dreams we wish the future would give us, but uncertainty and mystery still surround them. But what if there was some way you could resolve that uncertainty and find out what your future has in store? What if you could tell whether you will meet ‘the one’ tomorrow or get that promotion next week?

The art of reading tarot cards and other means of looking into the future has been around for ages. However, they are more accessible now than they were 50 years ago. Now, you can just log onto the internet and get a life reading through an online service. 

To help with your quest to discover what the future holds for you, we have gone through the best Tarot card reading services online and compiled a list of the best ones.

Our List Of Top Online Tarot Reading Services:

According to our research, the best tarot card reading services currently on the online market are:

  1. Kasamba – Overall Best Tarot Readings Online With Top Tarot Card Readers
  2. Keen – Affordable Site To Get Tarot Live Readings 
  3. AskNow – Web of Worldwide Psychics with Specialised Tarot Readings
  4. Oranum – Most Accurate Compatibility Tarot Reading Online
  5. Mystic Sense – Reliable On-call Tarot Services To Get Love Life & Career Insights

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

#1. KasambaOverall Best Tarot Readings Online With Top Tarot Card Readers

Kasamba has been in the market for more than 20 years. With that much experience, you can rest assured that Kasamba will provide you with the best services. You can choose from a queue of experienced tarot card readers and ask them to decipher your future.


Kasamba has 187 tarot card readers if you want a consultation by chat and 155 advisors available to hold consultations on the phone. You can choose the best expert for yourself by looking at the ratings.

The prices on the platform vary according to each reader’s expertise and rates. However, the rates are set in place so that you won’t come across anyone outlandishly expensive.

As an extra-special boon for new customers, Kasamba allows you three minutes of free consultation on their chat, and this isn’t just a one-time offer. Instead, you can make use of the free three-minute offer for every new reader you consult.

Through Kasamba, you can explore to find the perfect consultant for yourself. In addition, they offer a satisfaction guarantee which means if you are not satisfied with your first future reading, you can ask for a refund.

They also provide extensive profiles for experts allowed on the platform after a strict vetting process. Additionally, each profile has a review section you can look at before choosing your advisor.

Kasamba allows you to be completely anonymous. They have secure payment methods and SSL certificates required to back them up. 

They also have a mobile app which you can use to access the facilities on the go. The app is available for free on both the iOS and Android app stores. 


  • 187 advisors
  • 20+ years of service
  • Four million five-star ratings
  • Both chatting and call options are available
  • The first three minutes are free for new users
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Available 24/7
  • Anonymity
  • Secure payment channels


  • You need to be a member to access the mobile services

Why We Recommend It

We recommend Kasamba because it is a reputable website with a vast number of consultants available. The rates are set according to the platform limitations. Moreover, you get complete anonymity with secure payment methods. 

The platform also offers free minutes to new customers. The rest of the consultation has a per-minute charge, so take a good look at that. The consultants are experts in their fields with considerable experience.

Kasamba has over four million free ratings and customer reviews. We take that as a testament to their quality services.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Kasamba

#2. KeenAffordable Site To Get Tarot Live Readings

Keen has been around since 1999. A service with that much experience under its belt is bound to please its clients. Keen is no different. One of the largest networks of tarot card readers is at your service.

With just a few keystrokes, you will be put in contact with an expert tarot card reader of your choice. After that, the rest is up to you. Ask as many questions as you need, and the advisor will do a life reading to answer them.


Keen has over 1,700 psychics offering their expertise in various ways. You can choose the advisor you want through their website. In addition, the website has filters that you can use to find a psychic who is to your liking.

Moreover, the website is easy to navigate with filters that you can use to adjust your budget and choose appropriately rated psychics. You will not have to worry about any psychics being frauds or hoaxes, as they have a strict vetting process meant to keep such people out.

The first three minutes of the first consultation are free. After that, you will be charged the previously agreed-upon price. Consultations can be done on chat or through a phone call, depending on your preference.

The platform offers you complete anonymity and goes to extra lengths to protect your identity, even from your advisor. For example, they cannot see your number even if they have a caller ID. The transactions are also anonymous and made through secure channels.

If you want additional information about your psychic before consultation, all you have to do is click on their profile. You can go through their experience and expertise in their profile too. Moreover, you can check the client reviews and form your own opinion. 


  • 22 years of experience
  • Over 35 million reviews
  • The first three minutes of consultation are free
  • 1700 psychics to choose from
  • Easy to navigate website
  • Strict vetting process
  • Two consultation options – call and text


  • No free trial – no money-back guarantee

Why We Recommend It

Keen is a top-rated psychic service with a huge range of services, including, but not limited to, tarot card readings. They have stellar reviews from over 35 million users. Their advisors have to go through a strict vetting process so you will not have to worry about losing your money to a hoax.

You can choose from their 1700 advisors, depending upon your price range and their rating. Plus, you can take advantage of the free three minutes to find the best consultant for yourself.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Keen

#3. AskNowWeb of Worldwide Psychics with Specialised Tarot Readings

AskNow was launched in 2006 and has been around for 16 years. During this time, they have provided services ranging from numerology to tarot readings. AskNow is a great platform if you have queries regarding your love relationships, career, finance, mind reading, and daily predictions.


AskNow offers you tarot readings in both English and Spanish. All you have to do is click on the psychic tab on the website and sort the filter to access a list of all the tarot readers available. You can also adjust the rate and choose which type of consultation you want, whether it is via phone or chat.

AskNow provides detailed profiles of their advisors. All you have to do is click on their profile, and you will have access to their detailed profile. The profile includes their credentials, experience, activities on the site, language, and star sign. The profile also has a review section to see if they are a fit for you.

They offer introductory offers for new clients. For example, you can have a consultation at the low rate of one dollar per minute and get up to five free minutes. 

AskNow is committed to the satisfaction of its users. That is why it allows you to end your call within the first five minutes of your consultation if you find the advisor unsuitable. They will then credit those five minutes to your subscription. 

Like any other reputable psychic service, the psychics have to go through a strict vetting process to prove their authenticity. The thorough vetting process ensures that you do not lose your hard-earned money to hoaxes and fraud.

If you are new to the world of tarot cards, you can always go through their guides. They also have an FAQ section which is great for answering any questions about the service.


  • 16 years of experience
  • One dollar per minute rate with five free bonus minutes
  • Thorough vetting process
  • Available 24 hours, seven days a week
  • Detailed advisor profiles
  • Secure payment methods
  • Spanish and English languages
  • Chat and phone option available


  • No free trial

Why We Recommend It

AskNow is a strong contender when it comes to the world of tarot reading. Their readers are evaluated multiple times a year to ensure their competency. In addition, they specialize in on-call consultations. Users have reported a positive experience saying that the tarot card readings were pretty accurate and they had an easy time navigating the website.

=> Click here to visit the official website of AskNow

#4. OranumMost Accurate Compatibility Tarot Reading Online

With over ten years of experience behind it, Oranum knows what it is doing regarding psychic services. Nestled within the massive collection of psychic services are their tarot readings. So feel free to browse around till you find a psychic you like and take advantage of the service’s offers.


Oranum is a favorite among users who wish to get their life readings done live via a video call. The consultations occur through live webcam videos and allow you to have the experience of face-to-face tarot readings in the comfort of your home.

You can chat with your psychic before the actual consultation to check if you guys are a fit. This allows you two to establish a connection that allows accurate path reading. The good news is that this talk is free. 

In addition to that, Oranum is filled with content regarding psychics and their services. You can also go through them to check the expertise of the advisor you want to choose.

After you sign up for the service, you will receive a $9.99 credit to use on the platform as you wish.

The platform’s user interface is pretty simple. You can choose what type of psychic service you want then go through all the advisors under that label. You can choose between chat, voicemail, and live video calls.

The one thing we found lacking was that the prices are not displayed directly on the profiles. However, you can leave messages for the psychic if they are not online. You can also go through their videos to see how they work.


  • Chatting, voice call, and video call option are available
  • Receive $9.99 as a credit upon registration
  • Allows you to converse with the psychic before the actual consultation
  • Free content regarding the psychic arts


  • You don’t have as much control over the search filters.
  • No free minutes

Why We Recommend It

We recommend Oranum for those users who love the feel of a face-to-face psychic consultation because those folks will surely enjoy their experience of getting a live online tarot reading. Additionally, it can also help the psychic make a more accurate reading after observing you. 

Oranum is the perfect thing for those of you that want to be entirely sure of a psychic’s capacity before asking their questions. The chatting feature will allow you to build a solid connection before your formal consultation so that you can be entirely at ease. 

=> Click here to visit the official website of Oranum

#5. Mystic SenseReliable On-call Tarot Services To Get Love Life & Career Insights

Mystic Sense is a wonderful platform that hosts a multitude of psychic services, including tarot. If you are a tarot enthusiast, then this platform is for you. You can choose from several tarot readers and get a consultation through a mode of your choice.


The Mystic Sense platform has a superb user interface that offers you numerous categories to choose from. For example, after selecting tarot readers, you can narrow down the results by filtering the advisors. You can do so based on their status, rating, special tags, specialties, and future reading style. For example, in the specialties section, you can choose the nature of your problem.

One thing that struck us as unique about the platform was the reading style section. You get to choose between advisors depending on the style of their life reading. These styles are compassionate, direct, expressive, thoughtful, and wise. 

You can choose the mode of your consultation, be it a video consultation, a chat consultation, or a voice call. You can have the session start, and you will get the first five minutes for free. After the first consultation, if you are not satisfied with the reader, you can ask for a refund. 

Mystic Sense has psychics available every hour of the day throughout the week. You can rest assured when it comes to their psychics as there is a strict authentication process which means there is no chance of you wasting your money on fraud.

Each advisor has a profile that covers their basic experience, their life reading style, the tools they use, and their specializations. Additionally, the profile also includes their schedule and pay rate per minute. You can also go through the reviews before the consultation. 

The platform also has guides regarding tarot decks readings and other services so that you don’t go into your consultations blind. You can study what the future readings will entail and also go through the questions that users usually ask.


  • Available 24/7
  • User-friendly interface
  • Three modes of consultation – video, audio, and text
  • Five free minutes
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Choose reading style
  • Ease of access


  • No mobile app 

Why We Recommend It

Mystic Sense has had positive feedback from customers in terms of service. Their website features thousands of reviews from authentic customers. In addition, users have appreciated that the platform is easy to use and its customer-friendly policies. 

=> Click here to visit the official website of MysticSense

Steps Taken To Make This List

Before compiling this list, we considered several factors that are important when getting a psychic reading online. We also made sure that all the sites were authentic with secure payment methods so that you do not end up getting swindled. For your benefit, we have included the list of features we considered here.

Customer Experience

Customer experience is the most crucial factor when it comes to determining the worth of any service. The same is true in this case. We went through all the customer reviews of these sites and chose the ones that received the best feedback.

Customer Service

In the case of platforms such as this, it is essential to assess the level of customer service offered to users. Customers need security from fraud and should have the ability to share their experiences. Therefore, we only chose websites that gave their customers that ability without any form of censorship. 

We also went through their customer policies, such as guarantees, free trials, and whatever measures they had taken to ensure customer satisfaction.

Reader Authenticity

We made sure that the websites we chose had authentic readers. Unfortunately, when it comes to psychic arts like tarot reading, it is shamefully common to rob customers blind in the name of the supernatural. 

We have only chosen websites that take extra measures to make sure this doesn’t happen. The websites in this list have thorough screening procedures and only let in the most authentic readers.

Payment Security

Shopping for anything online carries the risk of your private details being leaked. We made sure that the websites featured here don’t have such risks. All their payments are handled through secure channels that protect your information.

Beginner’s Guide To Choosing A Tarot Card Service

Currently, the market is full of sketchy psychics that swindle naive users out of their money. Locating secure services and platforms can be tricky for new users, which is why we have come up with this buying guide. Read through it to discover which factors you must consider before availing of an online psychic service. 

Professional Experience

There are tons of online tarot deck readers out there. However, when it comes to online services, you must check the experience of both the readers and the platform through which the service is being provided.

The websites featured in our list have had at least ten years of experience, some going as far as twenty. So make sure the reader you choose has enough experience.


You need to remember that in these cases, prices are usually by the minute. So be sure to look for a consultant you can afford and don’t make the mistake of thinking that the displayed rate is for the whole session.

Trial Minutes & Satisfaction Guarantee

Trial minutes and satisfaction guarantees are a source of comfort for new users. If you can, go for a service that offers these facilities. That way, you can get to a consultant that you like without wasting your money on unsatisfactory tarot readings. Most services provide three to five bonus minutes that you can use to check the reader’s expertise. Some even allow you to get a refund for the entire session if you find that the service was not to your liking.

Method Of Contact

Most psychic services offer you the chance to connect through voice calls and texts. However, there are also a few that let you hold consultations through a live video feed. Choose a service that offers you a mode that you are comfortable with.


A rule of thumb while trying out a new service is to look at its reviews. Other people’s experiences can be a great indicator of a service’s quality. So be sure to look at client feedback when trying out a new tarot card reading service. If the rating is below average, stay away from that platform. If the rating is high, look at the sample size to see how authentic the reviews are. For example, a five-star rating is void if there is only one reviewer. 

Online Vs. Offline

The virtual world is a growing arena at the moment. Now that psychics can be found online, there is a question about staying traditional and visiting a psychic in-person or getting with the current program.

People seem to like the online platform for tarot readings due to personal scheduling conflicts, lack of time, and it is far more convenient for customers. Sitting on the sofa and chatting via a webcam will save you time and effort. You won’t have to travel to get your tarot card reading. You won’t have to sit, waiting in some stranger’s home. Instead, online websites offer you the chance to receive a reading from the comfort of your home. Let’s face it, in this current environment of COVID-19, any chance to stay at home and reduce the risk of infection is a plus.

Online tarot readings also offer you the opportunity to guarantee your psychic’s ability. Unlike physical businesses, online ones are subjected to customer reviews, feedback, and background information. This information is easily accessible online, giving you more data to research and evidence to put your concerns to rest.

FAQs about Tarot Readings

Q. What is tarot reading?

Tarot card reading is a means of fortune-telling. In this method, the reader looks at the array of cards drawn to gain a person’s past, present, and future insight.

Q. What is a tarot deck?

A tarot deck consists of 78 cards. Out of these 78 cards, 22 cards are called major arcana. These are the cards you usually see in popular media. These cards include Death, The Lovers, etc. The remaining cards are divided into four suites, i.e., cups, wands, swords, and pentacles.

Q. Should I get an online or offline Tarot Card Reading?

That depends on your preference. However, we recommend getting online guidance as it is instant, and you can get it without leaving the comfort of your home. Finding a genuine tarot reader offline can be difficult. On the other hand, online tarot reading provides you with access to genuine readers with experience behind them. Of course, it is up to you to find an authentic platform.

Q. What sort of questions should I ask?

You can ask anything related to your career path, love life, or knowledge about any other thing that interests you. However, we suggest you not ask questions that have absolute ‘yes’ or ‘no’ answers. Tarot Deck is a tool for guidance. That is why you should ask questions like ‘What do I need to do to get a better position in my career?’ Such broad questions allow you to get better tarot readings. You can also ask for spiritual healing to get the meaning behind happenings in life.

We should mention that the tarot deck cannot answer particular questions like name, location, time, etc. since the tarot card is a source of guidance and not a CCTV or internet system.

Q. How can I avoid fake tarot readings?

Your best shot at getting an authentic tarot card reading is by doing your research. Ask around for accurate reviews. Scour the internet. The websites that we have referred to here are genuine, and you can be sure to get a precise tarot card reading from them. However, for other websites, you will have to do your research. You can go through our guide to see what factors you need to consider.

Q. How can I stay anonymous while getting a tarot reading online?

We understand that you might have concerns when it comes to getting a personal psychic reading. However, there are platforms like Kasamba and Keen which will allow you to remain completely anonymous while getting a tarot reading. They even go as far as to hide your number when you communicate with their advisors. 


In the market for a tarot card reading, it is easy to get overwhelmed by the number of options available to you. In addition, it is easy for newbies to lose their hard-earned money to experienced con artists. We recognized all these risks, which is why we compiled this list. We did extensive research on all the entries here and are confident that every one of them is safe. So enjoy taking a safe look into your future!