The main drive towards evolution is curiosity. Why does change take place? Because humans are curious about the world around them. They want to explore and understand the “why” behind everything.

This has infinitely brought about changes in society, but excessive curiosity has also complicated living. We question everything in hopes of knowing the future. It has led to a rise in failing careers, devastating love affairs, declining health, and broken families worldwide.

Amid this chaos, if someone can give us a slight hope about what the future holds, the majority will be at peace. However, the path towards the end is full of unexpected needles, twists, and turns, making it challenging to build the road to a known future.

As a result, it has become difficult for people to make lifelong plans. Despite this difficulty, some experts who look at and predict individuals’ futures are known as live online psychics. They use a unique process such as online psychic reading to shed some light on the dark state by making predictions and suggesting ways to solve particular challenges.

Let’s dive into the best psychic reading platforms online for an accurate reading on a reasonable budget.

Complete Reviews Of The Top 5 Best Online Psychic Reading Websites 

  1. Kasamba – Best Overall Psychic Reading Platform For Psychic Predictions 
  2. Keen – Famous Psychics For Spiritual Readings 
  3. AskNow – Online Psychics For Tarot Readings & Fortune Telling
  4. Oranum – Trusted Psychic Mediums For Accurate Spiritual Reading 
  5. Mystic Sense – Top Psychic Readers For Palm Reading 

Here are the detailed reviews of our top picks:

#1. Kasamba – Best Overall Psychic Reading Platform For Psychic Predictions 

Kasamba is one of the biggest and most famous psychic reading sites online. This company was set up in 1999, and since then, it has built a massive customer pool of over three million clients. The psychics at Kasamba excels at providing guidance on a career path, success, confidence, and love.

Furthermore, the company is fully aware of internet scammers and how the business market exploits customers. As a result, they allow the public free access to their website. This enables clients to explore psychics and their specialties before signing up for a session.

With over 200 psychics at your service, Kasamba ensures that each psychic’s live profile is available. This profile includes their specialization, expertise, years of experience, and customer reviews.

If you face any problems choosing the right psychic for your cause, look at Kasamba’s Top Psychic section or use filters to screen your pick.


Kasamba offers top-notch online psychics with vast experience. In addition, they provide new clients with three minutes as free minutes as a test drive before the 50% discounted session. These three minutes are available for every psychic, allowing you to find your best medium.

The online psychic reading platform offers over 180 tarot card readers to choose from, ensuring that you will most likely pick one that matches you the best. For example, if you want to explore deeper meanings, you can go for angel card reading or cartomancy, to name a few.

For any assistance, Kasamba offers readings via chat or email. You can send in queries to get answers or readings on any topic, such as psychic and tarot readings, dream interpretations, energy healing sessions, astrological readings, and so on.

Kasamba even has a free mobile application designed for you to benefit from the services while commuting. This can save you time since no set space is required for a session.


  • 100% money refund
  • Easily find experienced psychics
  • User-friendly interface
  • Reliable, detailed, and accurate readings


  • Too many services can become overwhelming
  • Must be a member to use mobile app services

Customer Reviews

Along with being the most authentic reading site, Kasamba is also relatively cost-effective. Regardless, the online psychic readers set their charges under limitations. Therefore, be aware of how much they’re charging you per minute.

Who doesn’t love seeing a trailer before watching the movie? Keeping that in mind, Kasamba offers a 3-4 free minutes trial before charging you for the session. For anyone in doubt, this free session will help them make a decision.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Kasamba

#2. Keen – Famous Psychics For Spiritual Readings

In second place, we have Keen. It has been operating for over 20 years and is regarded as the most preferred online psychic readings service.

Keen provides services via phone or chat on a diverse range of topics. They even directly mail your readings. So, no matter how you feel comfortable, Keen is at your service.

There are over 1,700 psychics at Keen, each having a profile page for clients to divulge and make an informed choice. These psychics master different niches of numerology, love reading, angel card reading, pet psychics, financial outlook, astrology, and many more.

You can find lists of experienced readers with high ratings through their search filter, an interactive tool that allows you to locate the desired ratings with refined criteria. To get information on their bio and customer reviews, check their listings.


Keen is globally known as the most diverse website with psychic experts at your service. Once you find the right psychic, it is relatively easy to seal the deal. You can make voice calls, send messages, email, or even schedule a meeting for later.

The company offers unique services such as chakra cleansing to improve energy flow, different types of astrology readings like Mayan, receiving messages from the deceased, career and relationship problems, spiritual healing, and so on at a low price.

Furthermore, Keen offers an app for instant guidance and accessibility. It is available for download on iOS and Android.


  • Offer all categories of psychic readings
  • Easy to navigate
  • Accurate readings
  • Reliable
  • Advisors are evaluated and appraised by customers


  • No video recordings are available
  • No free trial

Customer Reviews

Keen offers talented readers and spectacular accuracy. You have the option of deciding which psychic reader you want based on your budget, e.g., less experienced ones are cheaper but still credible. Therefore, the prices are reasonable as an average online psychic only costs $1.99 for a ten-minute session.

Their website is legitimate, with significant psychic experts aiming to resolve customer conflicts and issues, such as palm, psychic, pet readings, etc. Problems can be as bizarre and outstretched as possible, and yet they will be catered to.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Keen

#3. Ask Now – Online Psychics For Tarot Readings & Fortune Telling

Ask Now is your go-to website if you have doubts about topics like career, love, relationships, and money. Their impressive psychic reading site has been around since 2005. Customers can easily purchase online psychic readings at affordable prices to get clarification and insights into their conflicts.

The adapted model of communication is via calls or messages in both English and Spanish. Therefore, you can conveniently discuss your concerns and get assistance from the readers.

The pool of psychic readers at Ask Now has vast specialties in this domain. They excel at tarot card readings, dream analysis, numerology readings, and horoscope readings. They also have many live psychics with over 30 years of experience.

The search engine allows people to filter the list and access the best psychic for their issue, depending on the charge per minute, experience, and category. You can simply go through the reviews on the profile page of each psychic reader before getting any readings. This will help you to contact a reliable and authentic psychic.


Asknow provides the best on-call service. With their professional psychics, they deal with financial, career, relationship, and love problems. They even offer services to eliminate patterns inherited from past lives via psychic readings online.

Their fantastic deal for first-time clients consists of charging $1 per minute for up to 30 minutes, along with five free minutes with one of the most experienced psychics. These free minutes can be used up altogether or as needed for a year.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Thorough screening process
  • Mobile app available
  • Great customer service
  • Affordable
  • Master psychics give accurate and elaborate readings


  • Have to pay before getting the free trial
  • Very few bilingual psychics

Customer Reviews

If you are looking for the best psychics at lower rates, this is the perfect fit for you. Even long, extensive readings by professional psychics with over 35 years of experience are available at a low price. Another win is the availability of live psychics over calls and messages.

The website is pretty self-explanatory, with detailed information about the readers. Even their zodiac sign, lifetime experience, and other credentials are present. There is also a sidebar that provides a free daily horoscope.

In addition to other benefits, they also give five bonus minutes during the first psychic reading session.

=> Click here to visit the official website of AskNow

#4. Oranum – Trusted Psychic Mediums For Accurate Spiritual Reading

Oranum is the most accessed psychic reading website that focuses on video chat. As a result, all of their readings take place over the webcam. This new style allows clients to have a more authentic psychic experience. In addition, since the reader is right in front of you, a deeper understanding can form.

In this modern era, Oranum has become a massive platform with top-psychics from all over the world at your service. The website dives into every range of topics, starting from dream analysis to pet psychics. You can find their top-psychics on the homepage, as well as any other information you may be looking for.


Oranum provides no standard free trial period but instead allows you to have a familiarization session with your psychic reading session before paying. In addition, they have extensive filtering options and in-depth biographies to choose the most desirable and authentic psychic.

Moreover, the company offers a face-to-face connection between the client and the reader, allowing more trust and comfort.


  • Live readings are available 24/7
  • Excellent customer service
  • Free 10 minutes for new customers
  • Variety of specializations


  • Only video calls are available
  • No standard free trial

Customer Reviews

We liked several things about Oranum. For starters, it provides the best video readings and allows chatting with the readers without paying anything. In addition, the readers are from all over the world, which diversifies their skills and talents.

If you investigate their customer review section, you’ll mostly find responses from satisfied clients. As a result, this has to be the most favored site out there.

The only negative review that stands out is that a few of Oranum’s psychics provide vague and generic readings. This is because of their poor readers’ verification check. Therefore, we recommend evaluating and carrying out a background check before forming the contract.

=> Click here to visit the official website of Oranum

#5. Mystic Sense – Top Psychic Readers For Palm Reading 

Mystic Sense has several successful and professional psychics that you can contact via phone, text, and video call. This three-in-one option has made the platform quite popular among clients.

At Mystic Sense, you can filter the psychics based on topic, expertise, reading style, specialization, charge per minute, and reviews. They have themes such as love, family, sexuality, dream readings, and much more to choose from.

This variety has given rise to a large and loyal customer base. With the help of these specified themes, it is easier for you to find professional psychics. For example, a love psychic can ideally aid you in resolving a love crisis. In short, whatever goes on in your life, you can find a psychic with the solution to overcome it.


Mystic Sense integrates several features on their site, with expert psychics, a wide range of categories, a user-friendly interface, and multiple reading options. If you are interested in crystals, ruins, tarot cards, angelic cards, and other similar readings, Mystic Sense can provide you with psychic experts to explore the domains.

The platform hosts over 170 psychics specializing in cheating and affairs and even has grief counselors readily available.


  • Affordable
  • ‘How to avoid scams’ section
  • Relevant search filters
  • Phone calls, video calls, and text messages are available
  • Free five minutes of online psychic readings for new customers
  • Group forum available
  • Up to date social media accounts


  • Not every reader offers all three modes of communication
  • No mobile app is available

Customer Reviews

Mystic Sense has the most impressive website that offers a diverse range of services at affordable prices. The online psychics’ lists are also available, along with their biography and other necessary information. For international users, you have access to readers’ time zones to check for availability.

So, why wait when Mystic Sense offers so many opportunities for you to eliminate your troubles?

=> Click here to visit the official website of Mystic Sense

Things To Consider When Choosing An Online Psychic Platform

As the online psychic medium world is plunging to the surface, there are plenty of fake readers on the market as well. As a result, consumers must be careful and only associate with authentic psychics. Otherwise, they will end up with bogus advice.

Thus, to repudiate fake sites, we examine the following details.

Our first goal while looking at online psychics is compatibility. There should be a level of relatability on a personal level between the seeker and the reader.

Secondly, with the current technological enterprise, everyone has a public platform. Therefore, it is essential to get all the necessary information related to the best online psychic reading sites.

Thirdly, be fully aware of scams. Their main goal is to rip cash away from you. They will not provide authentic information and only give gibberish and senseless advice. As a result, the best psychic readings always put customer satisfaction as their mandate. They work extensively to ensure a productive, enjoyable, and authentic session. Make sure you spend a reasonable amount of time finding a genuine psychic.

Moreover, the best online psychic readings will cover many topics, such as tarot readings, crystal balls, astrology, aura reading, numerology, palmistry, rune reading, career forecasts, etc. Keep in mind that some websites excel at a few services while being average in others. Therefore, choose your pick carefully.

Lastly, how you form contact with the psychic matters the most. The methods should be flexible and accessible as per your comfort. There shouldn’t be any anxiousness or awkwardness while having a session, or it will just be a bummer. There are four common ways to establish contact; phone psychic, video call, text messages, and email.

When exploring a psychic medium, consumers should keep various things in mind. You need to focus on selecting a service or product that is reliable and authentic; otherwise, it will be a loss. Here are a few factors to keep in mind:

  • Methods Of Contact

For your ease, our top online psychic websites offer various options for communicating with online psychic readers. Communication can take place via video calls, emails, phone, and chat.

In calls, you can simply talk over the phone to a psychic with the freedom to move from one place to another. Thus, there is no space constriction. In video calls, it is a replication of in-person sessions over a webcam. As a result, you get to observe the reader’s mannerisms towards your responses. This includes the way they react, feel, and express themselves.

In-text messages, there is no direct vocal or facial connection but instead a flexible chat session. Lastly, in emails, you can correspond back and forth with no time duration. You can send in your concerns and have them replied to in a flexible time frame.

  • Trial Minutes

Like other big companies (Apple, Audible, and so on) offer a free trial before the actual purchase, even online psychic websites have this option. This feature gives you an edge to make a comprehensive decision based on your likings.

It is a risk-free offer to test the service before making any contract. In addition, it allows you to establish a ground of trust and vulnerability by expressing yourself and understanding the reader.

Various online psychics provide free three to four-minute sessions for their new customers, followed by discounted psychic reading sessions.

  • Years Of Professional Experience

When choosing an online psychic, it is essential to ensure professionalism. Three of our top picks have been in practice for the past 20 years. Furthermore, even the latest websites have been running for almost ten years. Since these websites have been around for a while, it is safe to say that they understand the system well.

Psychic readers have been practicing for centuries now, and with this new online domain, many have found a haven to practice their profession globally. You may even come across online psychics with over 50 years of experience in various specializations.

  • Guaranteed Satisfaction

Guaranteed satisfaction is especially crucial when it comes to psychic reading online. Many websites have a policy that includes all the necessary contractual details. It is a recommendation to view those policies and look for the satisfaction guarantee clause.

We examined multiple websites, and most of them had some sort of satisfaction clause. Therefore, check with the service provider before you pay for the session or membership.

  • Customer Feedback

Customers and clients are the best way to assess the service since it allows you to figure out reliable sites. Furthermore, the process is quite simple: just go through the customer responses of other clients.

The comment section or customer reviews are your safe space. Look through the comments and ask others about their experience with the online psychic reader. The reviews and evaluations have credible and invaluable information based on past experiences.

Moreover, this will give you an insight into details about the psychic, the service, reliability, and so on. Hence, investigate these comments before making a move.

Online Vs. Offline Psychic Readings

The best mode of psychic reading for introverts and those who prefer the comfort of their homes is online. These internet-based psychic services are convenient and easy to access. On the other hand, individuals who feel more comfortable in the physical presence of the reader prefer in-person readings. The offline mode of communication allows a better assessment of individuals’ personalities and body language.

Both mediums have pros and cons. Despite this, choosing a reliable, genuine online or offline reader is recommended as independent reading will only be evident depending upon these modes.

Even though face-to-face meetings are more attentive, they require a restricted schedule. This can become intimidating and problematic if you are unable to form a rapport in a limited time. On the other hand, seekers and readers may find it convenient to use a digital platform as it is readily available.

From a client’s perspective, in-person communication could become awkward and difficult to approach. The idea of sitting in front of a total stranger for future insights is risky. In short, it boils down to the mode you are most comfortable with to communicate and connect with the psychic world.

Frequently Asked Questions – Online Psychics

Q.Is acquiring reliable guidance from a free psychic reading online realistic?

The first misconception lies around the idea that online psychic readings are a hoax and entirely untrustworthy. This is an over-exaggeration since many of these free readings are genuine and based on reasoning.

The best way to ensure accurate psychic reading is by asking specific and profound questions. For this purpose, you must be aware of the type of questions to ask. The readings can get unrealistic and unreliable if you are unable to form a spiritual link or secure connection with the reader. 

The primary factor to consider is being aware and having faith; otherwise, it will simply be another problem-dumping ground. Hence, focus on forming a connection and asking questions with full consciousness.

Q. What expectations do you have from an online psychic reading?

The goal is to achieve customer satisfaction. For this purpose, the medium qualifies in a diverse range of topics to target every specific query of their client. Online psychic readings have become the most accurate way to obtain honest, trustworthy, and reliable insights into a person’s future. Comfort and rapport are not built in the first session, so take your time to establish a firm relationship of spiritual and emotional reliance.

Q. Chat, call, or video – which is better for consulting a psychic reader?

Everything depends on your comfort level. Some people are better at expressing themselves via phone as they feel a sense of closeness. On the other hand, some are shy about coming in front of a webcam or talking on the phone, so texting comes in handy.

It all boils down to proper consultation with an online psychic reading medium, enabling a smoother form of expression. Therefore, choose wisely.


This online medium of psychic reading has made the experience easier and more accessible. You can clear your consciousness at home by finding answers to your riddles. In addition, the use of certain readings, such as picking a tarot card, or clairvoyance, is entertaining and resourceful, which enlightens the experience.

After conducting thorough research, we highly recommend Kasamba and Keen as our top picks. These sites are the most reliable and best online psychic reading online. If you ever feel lost or need clarification and mindfulness, these sites will be at your service.It is safe to say that you are one click away from solving all your troubles.