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Here in the United States, growing your Instagram followers has never been easier. In 2021, the millions of new users joining Instagram every day means Instagram gives platforms like TikTok, Facebook, and Snapchat some tough competition.

As Instagram grows, obtaining new followers gets more challenging. This is where buying Instagram followers comes in—to give you that boost in followers that would have taken months! 

Now, Instagram influencers, professionals, and brands are following the trend to buy Instagram followers and saving themselves thousands in social media marketing costs.

The best choice to buy Instagram followers?

Just like an influencer, you too can focus only on your content and let your followers grow automatically by purchasing them. So let’s look at the best website to buy real Instagram followers so that you can rapidly grow like a viral celebrity!

Superviral – the best choice

Superviral is the longest established out of all the Instagram providers—delivering followers for nearly 10 years now. Their clientele includes stars from popular Netflix series to significant makeup influencers from New York, San Francisco, and L.A. The service has been voted the best in the US on Forbes, LA Weekly, and The Express.

The simple growth service stands out because of its real quality followers that not many providers can offer. The real followers come from Superviral’s network of just over a million real Instagram users, which has been around since 2012 and allows you to quickly buy Instagram followers.

Being the most prestigious platform for Instagram growth, Superviral assigns you with an account manager automatically when you grow with them; whether it’s 100 real followers or 5000, they’re willing to help.

The quality of followers is essential if you’re serious about growth. You want followers that make a difference to your engagement and followers. Provide your Superviral account manager with the following information:

  • What type of posts do you have?
  • Which hashtags are you targeting?
  • How many followers are you targeting within the next week, month, and year?

Even if you don’t provide additional information, Superviral’s AI profiling will provide the type of followers your Instagram page needs with 99% accuracy. Superviral provides instant delivery at low prices to save the average American user thousands of dollars.

For peace of mind, Superviral offers a 100% refund guarantee if you’re not satisfied and takes secure payment from Apple Pay, PayPal, and all major American credit cards.

Have some posts that lack a large number of likes? Grow your account likes by buying Instagram likes!

As the saying goes, “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional to do the job, wait until you hire an amateur.” – Red Adair

Now you know that Superviral is an excellent choice for buying real Instagram followers. If you want to choose another company, ensure that you’re using the right evaluation criteria. Want to know more about verifying an excellent service like Superviral? Read on!

How do I know which service to choose?

How to choose the best website to Buy Instagram Followers? Here are the criteria influencers look for:

Instant delivery: Your follower delivery should begin immediately. This doesn’t mean that your followers are delivered in a single second, as this doesn’t look genuine. Instant delivery means the Instagram provider starts delivering immediately once payment is complete. It can then take up to two hours to complete delivery. 

Refund guarantee: The service should have an easy refund guarantee with no questions asked. We’ve all purchased services and then changed our minds. For this reason, it’s vital the company can offer a refund without any hesitation within 30 days of purchase. 

Unfortunately, many fraudulent services hold on to your money. They don’t respond within one working day once you request a refund, so stick with reputable and established providers like Superviral, which has an excellent reputation for refunds and a 100% 30-day satisfaction guarantee. 

Quality of followers: You must receive only real followers. Over the years, many providers have come and gone with their fake bot services. Do you want to know if the followers are genuine? Try testing the service first by going for the lowest package. You should pay no more than $2 for the lowest package, such as 100 followers. Anything more, and the service is just trying to make extra money without delivering any additional value.

Type of clients: Would you rather buy from Fashion Nova or a well-known brand like Gucci for quality of clothing? Gucci any day! This is because you trust them more, and they have a more extensive client base than Fashion Nova. Similarly, big influencers should be the ones recommending the Instagram provider. 

Ensuring that the Instagram service provider meets all of these criteria is essential, not only for the value of your hard-earned dollars but for the safety of your Instagram account. 

If you use illegitimate websites to grow your Instagram followers, you’ll put your Instagram account and posts at significant risk. 

Put your account in the hands of a professional growth service that knows how to kickstart your marketing needs and make your Instagram life a viral one. 

Is it safe to buy Instagram followers?

It’s 100% safe to buy Instagram followers as long as you’re buying them from a trusted provider. Unfortunately, since the inception of Instagram, there have been many services providing low-quality followers. When you receive low-quality followers, you’ll put your account at risk of shadowbans or, even worse, a complete ban from Instagram. Low-quality followers violate Instagram’s policy. 

If you’re spending on coffee, do it right! It’s better to go with Starbucks because you know you’ll get your money’s worth. Purchasing real Instagram followers has worked for influencers and brands, and it will also work for you as the Instagram algorithm loves organic followers.

Another reason you should opt for real Instagram growth is that Instagram is constantly changing its algorithm to weed out these fake bot services. So, when you buy genuine followers from a trustworthy and reputable provider, you’ve just got to choose your package and let the growth start rolling in! 

The experienced providers can work out what type of followers’ interests are best suited to your Instagram.

Be open to new ideas—that’s the only way you’ll be able to grow your followers. As the famous Muhammad Ali said: 

“He who is not courageous enough to take risks will accomplish nothing in life.”

Why buy Instagram followers?

If you’re a first-timer, purchasing Instagram followers would seem a little peculiar. However, there are a lot of benefits that brands and influencers will keep secret and not mention in public. After all, if they revealed their growth secrets, then everyone would know the benefits, including the following:

(1) Social proof

The term was coined by Robert Cialdini in 1984. He said: “We view a behavior as more correct in a given situation to the degree that we see others performing it.” 

When people cannot make a decision, they let their subconscious follow what others around them are doing. When a new Instagram user views your profile for the first time, they’re more likely to perceive your Instagram page as trustworthy when you have over 20,000 followers instead of just 20 followers. You’ll gain much more trust and recognition with the purchase of real followers.

On a side note, if your page is a brand or a personal page, you’ll be able to increase your revenue and persuade new users when you have more followers.

(2) Save money

Instead of spending thousands of dollars on an Instagram marketing agency, you’ll save a ton by using a reputable Instagram service provider. Why? Because the Instagram marketing agency will charge you for the time it will have to dedicate to growing your account manually. 

On the other hand, an Instagram service provider will charge you based on how many followers you want to follow your account.

The techniques of marketing agencies are a little outdated and old-fashioned. So why waste precious time and hard-earned money when Instagram growth services can grow your account at a fraction of the cost with real-time results?

(3) Go viral

Thanks to the Instagram algorithm, when they detect many followers coming into your account, the platform will start placing your content more on the explore feed. 

For example, when Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston joined Instagram in October 2019, Instagram detected a large number of users following her account in a short period and promoted her IG account to thousands of users. You will have the same positive results when you buy a large number of followers.

(4) Focus on content

Celebrities and influencers like Michael Jordan and Beyonce don’t have the time to be going around exchanging likes and followers manually. Instead, they focus on developing their skills—posting content that followers will enjoy and share. When they post content that excites people, users will recommend it to friends and family, making the post go viral!

When you buy real Instagram growth, the growth is taken care of. Next, you need to focus on creating excellent content to continue to go viral!

What is a great post? One that makes you react with a lot of emotion, such as happiness or laughter.

What are the price ranges?

For as little as $2, you can get quality followers with real interaction. This might seem expensive, but technically it’s the same as a cup of coffee. You need to invest in the best if you want the best. 

Think of this as being much more cost-effective than hiring a large team of social media experts who will charge thousands of dollars for a single marketing campaign. They do not even guarantee results, so we recommend that you steer clear of marketing agencies.

Instead, take the reins of your Instagram growth and build a powerful social media presence through a reputable Instagram growth provider.

Wrapping up (Conclusion)

If you’re looking for all the rewards the top influencers and brands are reaping, you must buy Instagram followers from a well-established provider. 

As mentioned above, Superviral is hands-down the best for real and cost-effective growth here in the United States.

Superviral has over a million customers in the US alone, so it’s the obvious choice for growing your Instagram followers, likes, and posts.

Enjoy the growth journey, and don’t forget that patience is vital in the Instagram game. Focus on the content and your followers; success will follow!

As the late Steve Jobs said: “The only way to do great work is to love what you do. If you haven’t found it yet, keep looking. Don’t settle.”