The stairs Credit: Darrow Montgomery

Profs & Pints: The Exorcist’s Power

Not everyone who moves to D.C. is in or into politics. Some of us are here for Catholicism, demons, pea soup, and a staircase. For the latter, and maybe even the former, Tuesday’s edition of Profs & Pints: The Exorcist’s Power with David Wilt, a lecturer in film studies at George Washington University, is for you. According to Profs and Pints founder Peter Schmidt, the program will cover the origins of William Peter Blatty’s novel The Exorcist, the making of the film inspired by the book, as well as the reception and impact of its release, and the movie’s lasting influence. (Wilt’s presentation includes a montage of priests being tossed through windows in other horror movies.) Somewhat scary (if you believe in demons), but mostly fun, the event is a fine example of the kind of programming Profs and Pints presents. If you miss attending university classes with cool professors exposing your moldable mind to cool things—such as montages of priests being tossed through windows in horror movies—this event is a hell of a lot cheaper than enrolling in a college course. Even if you’re not interested in demons on film (we’ll try not to judge you), Schmidt makes a good comparison between the city and The Exorcist: “We are talking about the devil, so fun and politics kinda blend.” Not to mention, this edition of Profs & Pints is conveniently located in the same neighborhood as the aforementioned stairway, giving attendees a chance to take a spooky stroll before or after. The lecture starts at 6 p.m. on Oct. 19 at Church Hall, 1070 Wisconsin Ave. NW. $12–$15.