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What if there was a natural way to manage symptoms without taking over the counter drugs or pharmaceutical medication? Here’s the good news. There is a tropical tree called kratom that originates in Southeast Asia that delivers the kind of pain relieving benefits that can help you get to sleep at night and experience true rest, without all your pain points forcing you to toss and turn. In fact, the University of Florida tested kratom in a controlled animal study and found that along with offering pain relief, opioid withdrawal symptoms were significantly reduced as well.

If you’ve been feeling curious about this unique supplement, whether it’s to help with pain relief or get off prescription medication, you may have ventured out into the online world to find a great kratom supplier. You probably realized there are a lot of mysterious manufacturers creating formulas that don’t have much credibility. That’s why we put forth the effort to find the most highly rated, reputable, and dependable kratom vendors – all so that you have a couple of great brands to choose from.

Top 4 Best Kratom Suppliers

  1. Starlight Kratom – Editor’s Choice
  2. Kratom Spot – Wide Selection
  3. KatsBotanicals – Reputable Supplier
  4. GoldenMonk – Worthy Mention

How did we choose these 4 Kratom Vendors?

Kratom is a natural, helpful, and healing resource that has an army of advocates looking to improve sustainable harvesting techniques so the substance can be used for centuries to come. As the battle continues, the number of stories of those who’ve tried kratom extract supplements and who felt their lives were saved continue to pour over the internet. These people managed to switch from drug and alcohol dependence to incorporation of a natural supplement and their lives haven’t been the same.  

With so many available suppliers selling so many different kratom strains in kratom powders, kratom capsules and more, it can be difficult to sift through the ones just hopping on the trend and the kratom brands looking to positively impact your life. When we started our online search for some of the best supplements, we looked for certain criteria they all had to meet. This way, we could ensure they were operating safely, that they were taking good care of their customers, and that their products are formulated with care.

  • One of the first items we look at whenever we visit a kratom vendor’s website is verified independent lab testing. A reputable company will always use a third-party lab to check their products and ensure they are pure and safe. Third-party labs act as accountability partners for kratom brands and it’s this relationship that breeds trust with consumers. This process also helps to keep products consistent without any fillers, chemicals, or additives. That way, consumers know that they’re getting a high-quality product every time they order online.
  • Another thing we look for is high-quality ingredients included in every single batch – whether it’s kratom powder, capsules, leaves, tea or something else. Knowing that ingredients are ethically sourced helps us shop with ease. And when a supplier clearly lists the ingredients they use, even letting us know whether or not capsules are vegan friendly, we know they are genuinely invested in ensuring customer satisfaction.
  • Customer comments are also a great indication of what the different effects of kratom supplements are. Though suppliers are limited in the way they can market these types of products due to the Drug Enforcement Administration, reviews made by verified customers give us insight into the kinds of benefits offered by each kratom strain and each type of product.
  • Finally, we also looked at product variety. Although some people prefer to have their supplements neatly encased within a capsule, not everybody loves having to swallow capsules on a regular basis. That’s why we looked for suppliers that also have developed creative products like kratom powders, drinks, and extracts.

Reviews of the Best Kratom Brands & Vendors in 2021

1. Starlight Kratom – Editor’s Choice


  • 100% satisfaction guarantee
  • Full transparency for confident purchasing
  • Fair trade and ethically sourced
  • GMP qualified vendor
  • Lab Reports


  • None

Starlight Kratom delivers progressive botanicals so that you have a holistic way to improve all your days. They offer several different products that are all made in-house and curated especially for customers like you. Their innovative efforts are combined with tradition to create some of the strongest supplements that offer you incredible health benefits.

You can choose from any one of their kratom capsules or kratom powder products and feel assured that the quality is the same across the board. Choose from any one of their best-selling products, some of which we highlight below.

Red Dragon Kratom Capsules

This product is available in a bottle that holds 25 capsules or a bottle that holds 60 capsules. It’s also available in a powder form; choose between 28 grams and 112 grams. This is a fast acting formula that’s pure and safe and includes ingredients that are ethically sourced. All of the kratom leaves are allowed to reach full maturity before they are sustainably picked. Once picked, they go through a natural drying and hand milling process.

Whether you choose the kratom powder or capsules, this best kratom product comes with several benefits, including enhanced mental sharpness that allows you to focus for longer periods of time and experience greater cognitive clarity. This supplement also helps to decrease inflammation and provide pain relief because it contains high levels of alkaloids called mitragynine, which reduce inflammation all over your body, improve your metabolism, and help your body achieve a balanced state.

Red Maeng Da Kratom Capsules

These kratom capsules contain pure red veined leaves that are completely free from pesticides, synthetic chemicals, additives, and microbes. The leaves are handpicked on sustainable farms located in Indonesia.

You can either purchase 25 or 60 capsules in a bottle or choose the kratom powder if that’s your preference. This particular kratom strain is nicknamed “Plantation Kratom” because of how fantastically effective it is. It’s become a highly regarded and sought after strain that has consumers touting its many positive effects and benefits. 

White Maeng Da Kratom Capsules

This strain is not for the weak. It’s considered the strongest strain of Maeng Da kratom with white veined leaves that are called the “crème de la crème” of the different kratom strains. You’ll notice how easily these capsules (or kratom powder) are absorbed into your body, providing immediate effects. The kratom extract contains high levels of both active flavonoids and alkaloids, which help to deliver fast acting benefits.

Verified buyers share their experiences, noting the effects are uplifting, providing energy that gets them through the day. Along with a daily boost, the capsules offer subtle pain relief, particularly for arthritic discomfort. Other customers note that the supplements are ideal for nighttime unwinding, as they calm nerves and allow for a better quality sleep experience. 

Learn more at StarlightKratom.com

2. Kratom Spot – Wide Selection 


  • Available in capsules and powder
  • Free shipping on orders over $50
  • Fast acting


  • Shipping to some US states is not available due state and city bans 

Kratom Spot gives you a reliable source of kratom products, including the three most popular kratom strains: red, white, and green. To keep themselves accountable, they test every harvest via a third-party lab that confirms the concentration and purity of their products. They keep their kratom extract products potent and simple, skipping fillers and chemicals. 

Aside from choosing between your preferred strain, you can also select from a variety of products that deliver the benefits of kratom, including:

  • Extracts
  • Capsules
  • Powders
  • Drinks
  • Leaves

Kratom Spot doesn’t want you to settle for anything less than the best kratom products you can find. They source their kratom using Fair Trade practices and a careful selection process once the leaves have reached peak maturity. They ensure that each one of their product offerings is given the care and attention it deserves, from the moment the leaves are picked through the moment of distribution and delivery to your mailbox. 

Exclusively selling extra-large capsules, Kratom Spot wants you to have the right go-to for all your dosage needs. If you opt for a kratom extract, you’ll find they are both powerful and effective, made with the highest quality. If you’re interested in a product that offers more discretion and tantalises your tastebuds, you’ll love their drinks and shots. 

Although the Federal Food and Drug Administration does not consider kratom a medicinal product, anecdotal evidence suggests that this supplement can be used homeopathically to aid with relaxation, energizing effects, or a steady combination of both, depending on the strain. Some people notice increased sociability and alertness, which allows them to show up with more presence both at work and at home. 

Learn more at KratomSpot.com

3. KatsBotanicals – Reputable Supplier


  • 30 day satisfaction guarantee
  • Fast shipping
  • Top-rated customer service


  • You must spend at least $100 to qualify for free shipping on your order

Kat’s Botanicals delivers the kind of premium and potent kratom that makes you feel good about where it was sourced. Offering only the cleanest, purest, and most powerful products, Kat’s Botanicals has designed a line of everyday best kratom products you can feel great about using. 

While other kratom brands may cut corners, Kat’s Botanicals takes a different approach. They perform the industry’s most extensive pasteurization and sterilization procedures on every single kratom product they offer. Plus, they make sure that all their products are lab tested to confirm their potency and overall quality.

The lineup of best kratom products that Kat’s Botanicals offers is ideal because not only can you stock up on products for yourself, but you can also share the benefits of kratom with your favorite four-legged pal. You can choose from:

  • Powders 
  • Capsules 
  • Pet Chews

Carrying 30 unique kratom strains and blends, Kat’s Botanicals makes sure that you have access to all the products you need without having to leave their online shop. You can select by category, including:

  • Maeng Da Kratom
  • Bali Kratom
  • Green Vein Kratom
  • Red Vein Kratom
  • White Vein Kratom
  • Best Sellers
  • Specialty Blends
  • Yellow Kratom

They offer a 30 day satisfaction guarantee and offer full transparency on their processes and their ingredients. You can expect fast shipping from this cGMP qualified vendor and when you have any issues or questions, you can depend on their outstanding customer service team.

Kratom may have been associated with spiritual journeys but today it’s available to anyone who needs to experience relief from anxiety, low moods, pain, and anyone who needs an overall sprucing up in their daily life. Although you could spend weeks or months trying out different strain ratios to find the best blend for you, Kat’s Botanicals did this work for you. Their Digital Buddha blend, for example, provides a wide variety of desirable effects, but only after they did the heavy lifting, including all the research and testing to create this ideal blend. 

Learn more at KatsBotanical.com

4. GoldenMonk – Worthy Mention


  • Buy in bulk for savings
  • You get Loyalty Points with every purchase
  • GMP-Program Member


  • This supplier is still relatively new but they’re fast gaining recognition 

Golden Monk is well known as a kratom retailer that sells a wide variety of kratom products. This supplier is approved by the American Kratom Association because of the way it strives to provide you with the best of the best. They sell kratom powder and capsules and their kratom is sourced from Indonesia. They follow protocol to ensure their products are lab tested by an independent lab that keeps them accountable regarding the safety and purity of their products.

As they continue to grow their operations, they prioritize customer satisfaction. In fact, they offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee, which means that you can purchase the best kratom products on their site risk-free. Ultimately, they want you to feel good about the products you purchase – not just because their kratom powder and capsule products are made with care, but also because you can get a good deal on their website every time you visit.

Currently, they offer several products based on five main categories:

  • Capsules
  • Maeng Da
  • Red Vein
  • Green Vein
  • White Vein

You won’t want to miss out on their newsletter because when you sign up, you’ll receive discounts and promotions that help you save even more. If you choose to buy in bulk, you’ll also see major savings. And when you start purchasing from Golden Monk, you’ll also earn Loyalty Points at the rate of $1 for every $10 you spend!

Learn more at GoldenMonk.com

What Exactly Is Kratom?

Kratom contains the stimulants mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine and is derived from an Asian evergreen tree. The carefully selected leaves have been promoted as a pain-management alternative. Several million Americans swear by its many benefits, particularly when they’re looking to end an opioid addiction. 

Basically, kratom trees grow in different places, including Thailand, Indonesia, and Malaysia. It’s usually cultivated in environments that are well-controlled, which means its leaves get to be harvested carefully and intentionally to preserve the 40+ naturally occurring compounds found within it. After the initial picking process, the leaves are dried using a very specific process. It’s this process that is able to preserve the beneficial alkaloids, the colors, and all the effects and benefits you experience when you try a kratom product.

This herbal supplement is widely used in Southeast Asia because its herbal properties help to provide an energy boost. It is also known to provide several other positive health benefits, particularly because it has analgesic properties. It’s a plant that contains natural alkaloids and flavonoids and continues to be studied for its effect on opioid receptors and its potential for assistance in the treatment of drug abuse and chronic pain. Regulation of opioid receptors is the way out for many struggling with unintended drug addiction. 

Kratom is now being sold in several different formats, ranging from kratom capsules to kratom powders and even drinkables. Many people, including political entities and private persons have taken a stand against it, despite the overwhelming anecdotal evidence that demonstrates its many benefits. 

The American Kratom Association is standing up for consumers, sharing information on its many health benefits and educating consumers about alternatives to strong opioids and other drugs for effective pain relief. Many consumers have nothing but good things to say about kratom but unfortunately, the United States is looking to ban the substance altogether, using the power of the Drug Enforcement Administration for enforcement. 

The Food and Drug Administration has shunned this supplement, issuing warnings that don’t take into consideration all the satisfied consumers. It’s not a surprise though, as the Federal Food and Drug Administration does not oversee or approve of any dietary supplements currently available on the market. 

Benefits of Kratom Supplements: Eases Opioid Withdrawal & More

Kratom supplements have a wide range of benefits. Some effects are celebrated more than others – but that’s just because many ex drug users have completely turned their lives around, no longer living just to swallow their prescription pills. Aside from helping to ease the opioid crisis, the benefits of this natural supplement include:

  • Eases Fatigue

Kratom offers an energy boost for users with some of its strains, which serves as a great way to wake up and maintain sustained energy throughout the day. Whether you’re dealing with a low mood that results in a sluggish, tired day or you have been experiencing disruptions with your sleep, this supplement offers a pick-me-up that completely alters the way you face your day.

  • Boosts mood

Kratom is also believed to be helpful for improving mood, giving users reprieve from symptoms associated with depression and other mood disorders, like a poor outlook on life, an inability to concentrate on tasks, and an overall sense of impending doom. It helps to ease frayed nerves and allows for an upbeat mood that colors your perspectives on life. 

  • Analgesic effects

Perhaps one of the top reasons that kratom is so highly regarded is because of the way it works for pain relief, particularly for users who deal with chronic pain. Up until now, the primary treatments for helping chronic pain conditions have consisted of extremely strong opioids. While they are effective when it comes to treating pain, they come with a slew of heavy side effects, the worst being respiratory depression that causes death. 

  • Combat opioid withdrawal symptoms

Anyone who has taken opioids knows how strong their effects are. And even when they’re taken on a short term basis following an injury or surgery, they can still produce an uncomfortable opioid withdrawal experience. When used long term (opioids or other drugs), the body becomes extremely dependent on the substances introduced, requiring higher and higher doses for the same effects. Some of the withdrawal symptoms associated with opioid addiction include muscle aches, insomnia, anxiety, and agitation during the first phase of withdrawal. Additional symptoms may appear later, including dilated pupils, nausea and vomiting, and abdominal cramping. 

  • Sedation and Relaxation 

When taken at high doses, kratom powder or capsules can offer sedating effects, which is helpful for people suffering with high anxiety and those struggling to get a good night’s sleep. When you’re unable to cycle through different sleep stages properly, everything in your life is affected. You may struggle to concentrate throughout the day, you may become irritable, and your ability to communicate may be affected as well. With the best kratom products, you can enjoy freedom from nervousness and can use it as a nighttime supplement to help you get better rest. 

How to Use Kratom?

To get the most benefits, you should follow the kratom brands’ recommended dosages. Since they are the ones who have put the formulas together. They’re also the best resource for you to trust when it comes to taking an adequate dose. Remember that different products may have different potencies and concentrations; therefore, it’s imperative you read the label of any new product you’re trying.

How kratom affects you is dependent on several different factors, including the type of kratom strain you’re ingesting, whether that strain is blended with another type of strain, and how it was dried when harvested. For a quick overview, we explain what you can expect from each of the varieties and strains we list below.

You’ll see Maeng Da kratom listed on most supplier pages. That’s because it’s gained popularity for the way it affects users. This strain is extremely potent and is available in different varieties. Sometimes this variety is mixed with red and green vein strains to create an even more powerful blend. You can choose from green, red, white, and yellow Maeng Da kratom and even Plantation Maeng Da, depending on your specific needs.

For example, Red Bali kratom is one of the red veined kratom strains. Compare this to the effects of red wine at the end of a long day. This strain helps to create a tranquil and peaceful state of mind, which is the perfect way to close out a busy or stressful day.

Green vein kratom includes strains like Green Bali kratom, which is considered one of the purest kratom strains of this kind. This Bali kratom strain is more like a replacement for your 2 o’clock coffee. It helps you wake up and power through the rest of your day, gifting you with energy that invites mental alertness and improved focus.

Because of the concerns and restrictions surrounding kratom, kratom brands are limited in what they can reveal about how each of the kratom strains may affect you. That doesn’t mean you can’t experiment with different blends and strains, though. The experimentation process is likely to be enjoyable as you sample different products to arrive on the best one for you. Don’t be afraid to take advantage of all the available deals; sign up for newsletters and coupons whenever possible to increase your overall savings too. 

Safety & Side Effects

As we mentioned, kratom works very much like a stimulant when taken in low doses. People reported feeling more energetic, having an overall happier mood, displaying more alertness, having better focus, and feeling more sociable.

When taken at higher doses, it functions more like a sedative, producing relief from anxieties and helping the user achieve a euphoric state of mind. Whether it’s taken in low doses or high doses, as kratom powder or in capsules, it’s also believed to offer pain relieving effects because the alkaloids also work as anti-inflammatories and can even serve as a muscle relaxant.

Those are the main two ways that the best kratom products may affect you. If you are taking it in small doses, you may also experience exceptional giddiness, which could interfere with any work related tasks or other tasks that require your full attention. You may also have a hard time with your motor skills, which means you should steer clear from operating heavy machinery.

These are just the short-term effects, but when people use kratom for an extended period of time, they may experience several more concerning side effects, like:

  • Difficulty with bowel movements as seen with constipation 
  • A complete loss of appetite or a reduced appetite 
  • Significant weight loss that may cause a person to be underweight 
  • Difficulty sleeping 
  • Losing color in the cheeks 
  • Subtle hallucinations

It’s important that you know kratom may interact with other drugs and medicines, and those interactions could possibly be deadly. Administration of supplements should be conducted with care and safety, including open communication with your doctor. Before you start taking any kind of new supplement, consult with your healthcare provider to let them know what your goals are for proper care and treatment. Never take kratom if you’re not fully aware of the potential side effects and interactions with anything you may be currently taking.


In Southeast Asia, it’s very common for locals to use kratom leaves to make tea. The tea is said to have stimulant properties that mimic the effects of opioids. This way of consuming kratom extract has been used for centuries, benefiting the many Southeast Asians who engage with this practice. Many of the deaths associated with opioids have much to do with how these drugs slow down a person’s breathing rate, which is also called respiratory depression. Studies have found that this natural treatment does not create respiratory depression, which means that it provides positive health benefits without the risk of an opioid-like death. 

There are many medications prescribed today that, while helpful in the short term, may actually lead to opioid addiction in the long term. Many people take opioids to help manage pain symptoms and become addicted rather quickly, leading them to experience withdrawal symptoms related to opioid withdrawal. While some people choose psychoactive drugs or alcohol to manage their physical and emotional pain, drug and alcohol dependence is a leading cause of premature deaths. 

As the Federal Food and Drug Administration continues to make fear mongering claims about kratom, there is still a chance for you to access one of nature’s most revered supplements. Stock up on the best kratom powder or capsules while you still can and change your life – especially if you’re combating pain and you’re tired of taking the strong stuff.