Credit: Filmawi

Jungle at The Anthem

From the moment you hit play on Jungle’s latest album, the message is clear: Don’t cry, keep going. In fact, the first two tracks, “Dry Your Tears” and “Keep Moving,” instruct listeners to do just that. Upon listening to the 14-song release, it’s clear Josh Lloyd-Watson and Tom McFarland—the British duo behind Jungle—want their fans to feel good. And, on Oct. 4, they’re bringing those good vibes to D.C. Jungle’s international tour comes after the August release of Loving in Stereo, their third full-length, but the first on their own Caiola Records label. As Lloyd-Watson tells City Paper via email, this independence “gave way to a record that has moments of pure joy and passion without any confusion or overthinking in the process.” Notably, this passion takes many forms (and sounds) throughout Loving in Stereo: “Keep Moving” comes straight from the disco, while “Romeo” is more hip-hop-inspired, featuring rapper Bas. Altogether, Loving in Stereo is a testament to Jungle’s evolution as a band and exemplifies their ability to take full control over their creative process. It’s also the perfect album to usher in the return of live music—a way to help people let go and have a good time. For a night filled with big smiles, bold dancing, and catchy tunes, make your way to The Anthem to see Jungle in action. The show starts at 8 p.m. on Oct. 4 at The Anthem, 901 Wharf St. SW. $35.

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