People are used to going to bars, clubs, and other social events to get hookups. This has been going on for a while until now you can do the same from online platforms. We are talking about the best hookup sites and best hookup apps. 

There is nothing wrong with trying out a new method. Sometimes people feel more confident online to know someone before meeting in person. There might be other reasons, but the idea is that you can get hookups without leaving your couch. 

Does this sound like a fan idea? If that is the case, you need to read through this guide to learn about the top hookup sites to be using.

What Is Meant By Hookup Sites

People visit dating sites with different goals. Some would be for casual sex or hookups while others might want a serious relationship, to fulfillment of emotional needs or get physical gratification. In short, there are no strings attached. You both have fun and that is it. Well, some may become friends with benefits too, but that is their choice. 

Hookup sites are not always platforms where people go to find a long-term and stable relationship as the primary reason. However, things change and you may get someone you love when it all started as a hookup.  

Editor’s Choice


  • Millions using the platform
  • Affordable pricing for the packages
  • Diverse users on the platform

Best Hookup Sites & Apps: Top 10 Free Dating Sites

  1. eHarmony – Editor’s Choice
  2. Adult Friend Finder – Best for Swingers and Threesomes
  3. Seeking Arrangement – Best for Seeking Sugar Daddies
  4. Ashley Madison – Best for Discreet Affairs 
  5. Elite Single – Best for Verified Profiles
  6. Tinder – Best for Young Singles
  7. Bumble – Best for Women Singles
  8. PlentyOfFish – Best Free Account Features
  9. SilverSingles – Best for People over 50
  10. OkCupid – Best for Gender Inclusivity 

1. eHarmony


  • Has an online dating blog offering advice
  • Has a diverse pool of singles 
  • It is averagely priced 


  • The free trial is very limited. Almost pointless. 

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This is probably the most visited best hookup site in the world. Here, you would find options for serious dates, long-term relationships, or sometimes get a person willing to have casual sex. It is all about how you build your relationship from the chat rooms.  

The company boasts of its compatibility matching system. Because it is advanced, there is a higher accuracy of someone getting a better match. As such, it has always been a reliable option for local hookups depending on your area. So, always fill in the correct information when setting up the profile. 

How about identifying real and fake profiles? This is a popular problem in any dating app. However, eHarmony has a reliable third-party service that would weed out fake profiles. So, the next time you plan on meeting someone off the website, it will be a real person just as you expected.  

2. Adult Friend Finder


  • The free version is quite good 
  • The customer support is active 
  • Works for all types of sexualities and fetishes 


  • The website design looks outdated

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The Adult Friend Finder website is a great platform to a point being classified as the best free hookup site. When we say free, it means you can get a free account of course with a few limitations. For those who want to enjoy more of the dating app, it is then best to pay for the premium packages. 

There are over 80 million users on the website. Also, it is available worldwide. This makes it easier to use it as a hookup app to meet people with an interest in casual sex and nothing more. As much as you may want casual encounters, there is still the option of finding a long-term thing too. 

The majority of the people who sign up on this platform are looking for swingers and threesomes leave alone a one-night stand. Since there is a mobile app too, it becomes easier to use the platform regardless of where you are. Sometimes you may be far from your workstation. Simply use the mobile app to catch up with potential matches in chat rooms.   

3. Seeking Arrangement


  • Many free features for the sugar babies
  • Impressive security features
  • There are voluntary background checks 


  • A few cases of minors signing up on the website

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This is a popular hookup site for sugar daddies seeking sugar babies. This hookup app works differently in the sense that the sugar babies only have to complete their online profile free. The sugar daddies on the other hand need to buy premium packages before sending messages to potential matches. With such a setup, this dating app would mostly be for casual sex or a one-night stand. 

The platform is among the best dating sites because of its advanced filters on privacy. The aim is to ensure that your security is guaranteed while using the platform. It may be why its user base keeps growing over the years. You would also get voluntary background checks on the platform too. 

Those who want to try out the website will have 24 hours to do so. The company gives you free access for a day once you complete the profile correctly. Those still attending colleges will get free premium accounts from time to time. This may be subject to changes so check with the website. 

4. Ashley Madison


  • The chats will disappear for discretion maintenance 
  • Women get free premium access 
  • Has multiple security features 


  • It lacks the auto-matching feature like some platforms 

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People join a hookup site for different reasons. Like for this one, many who join it are often interested in discreet extramarital affairs. So, you can use it for finding people with similar minds on having casual sex. It may have had some controversial start, but it is now understandable who would want to use this hookup app. 

As a dating app, there is the need to guarantee the users of their safety online. That is why the company, like other best online dating sites, has added more security measures to the platform. Right now, you can be sure that there is enough protection for your data ever since the breach in 2015. 

The female to male ratio is quite good and balanced. This is because women are given a free premium. Even so, the premium package is still affordable for men. So, you should try it out, thanks to its affordability. Also, having a good customer support team helps you use the platform with ease. 

5. Elite Single 


  • Profiles are verified by the support team 
  • Easy to use platform 
  • Suspicious accounts are removed permanently 


  • Female to male ratio could be better

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Educated singles also love to get some playtime too. Well, some might be looking for people within the same career line or have a fetish for a certain type of person. Elite Single prides itself as a platform where educated professionals would find people with similar minds for casual sex or decide on a long-term relationship. Whatever works for them. 

The profiles will always be verified by the customer care team. The idea is to make the platform different from other dating sites which might have many fake profiles. Also, this makes it the best casual dating app since you know the profile is genuine. 

Even if you are just looking for casual hookups, there is a rigorous signup process. You will have to go through a personality survey when setting up the profile. This allows for better psychological matching. There is also a mobile hookup app for versatility. 

6. Tinder


  • Connecting with matches is easier 
  • It has multiple fun features 
  • Registration is easy 


  • Singles over 28 find the premium package expensive 

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Tinder was and has always been a big hit among the hookup apps. This hookup app was popularized by its method of swiping for matches. For this reason, you would even categorize the possible matches as either hookup, flirts, or serious relationships. There is no doubt it has a different interaction than the other dating sites. 

You can always opt for the Gold membership if you want more features of this casual dating site. This membership package also allows you to see who liked your profile first so that you can message him or her right away. It also has an age-based model for pricing making the older singles pay more for the services. 

Most would be using the mobile app considering how you interact with the service. The mobile app is completely free and will be compatible with Android or iOS devices. So everyone would be able to use the hookup app with ease. Having a huge user base means there are increased chances of getting a lot more matches. 

7. Bumble


  • Quick signup process
  • Offers quality matches 
  • Multiple payment methods 


  • The profiles are a bit shallow 

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If you have been looking for a hookup app for women, Bumble is what you need. This online dating site comes with a feature that allows the woman to be in charge. Once there is a match, it is the woman who sends a message first before the man can start communicating with her. So, it is easier to control those spamming your inbox. 

Even if the women are in control, it is amazing how the male to female ratio is almost equal unlike with other dating sites. You would get that there are over 6 million monthly visitors to the website. That is good traffic that is vital for users to get matches even better within their areas. 

The signup process on this casual dating site is quite simple. If you have a facebook account, simply connect with it and this best hookup app will import all the vital information from the social media account. So long as you can follow the community rules, you are likely to find friends with benefits and so much more. 

8. PlentyOfFish


  • Members create detailed profiles 
  • Receives millions of users daily 
  • Receive and send messages free 


  • Easy to get spam messages 

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If you are looking for numbers on an online dating site, then this is for you. Plenty of Fish or POF was founded in 2003 and has managed to get over 90 million users globally. It is estimated that 3.6 million users log in daily. So, you can expect a lot more active users unlike some hookup apps with dead profiles. 

The platform allows you to check out the profiles from other users to see if you can get a match for casual sex or serious relationship. You could also let the platform do its magic of getting you a match. You should expect to receive multiple matches daily whenever you use the platform more often. 

Most of those on the platform have an age of 25 to 34 years. For this age bracket, people are either seeking long-term relationships or one-night stands. So, it is up to you to pick what you want. In case you are ever stuck, the customer support team will get you set up a good profile. 

9. Silver Singles


  • Takes matching seriously 
  • Offer high-quality matching 
  • The fake accounts are removed immediately 


  • Has few active members 

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Anyone over the age of 50 can use this online dating site. It comes with a detailed personality test, so be ready to sit through it. Such a personality test is vital to ensure that you also get a match through psychological methods. This might not be so common with some other hookup apps. 

As much as not many old people are seeking hookups, you could find yourself someone in your age bracket. Most of the other sites will mostly make platforms for young people, but this one is different. Even when you look at its website usability, it is quite easy to navigate and get what you need. 

Before you can decide it is the platform you want to use, there is the option of trying out it for free. However, you cannot send messages just yet. The matching quality is also good considering not many people might be using the platform. There is unlimited communication on the website to help you communicate even better. 

10. Ok Cupid


  • It is gender-inclusive 
  • The search tool is quite comprehensive 
  • The matching system is also very good 


  • Tech support is not the best 

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This is another older online dating site considering it was founded in 2003. It even got featured in the Time’s Magazine category of top dating websites. This led to the website having amazing growth over the years. Here you would get many different types of fetishes and wishes being fulfilled. That is why it is listed among hookup apps and also a place for serious relationships. 

Looking at the numbers, the platform features over 50 million users around the world. You can expect the majority of the traffic to be from the U.S. However, you will always find people in your area. Also, member activity is quite high so it is possible to meet interesting people. No more worries about the fake and dead profiles. 

The signup process is generally simple. You have to fill in the basic information to set up the account. Also, there is the option of using a Facebook account to fill in some of the information fast. Another thing is that the website is gender-inclusive. Right now, there are over 60 sexual orientations for you to pick from. It is quite inclusive for anyone who wants to be too specific. 

Benefits of Hookup Sites

Adult dating sites will have many more benefits than the conventional way of getting hookups. Here are some of the benefits of dating apps you should know. 

  • It is easy to get started. Most of the time you just need to complete a profile correctly and start getting matches sent your way. 
  • Most people might feel more comfortable starting conversations with a stranger online rather than in real life
  • There is an increased probability of finding a match. These websites use unique algorithms to match you with different people who are like-minded. 
  • You have the option of filtering the type of people you want to meet. This includes your preferred age limit, location, and so much more. 
  • You can interact and hook up with people away from your geographical location. This makes you have experience with people other than those available locally. 
  • Most dating platforms now have a website and a mobile app. This means you can always access the platforms from different devices and link up with your matches. 
  • Some may find that online hookup sites put less pressure on approaching someone. Each person will find that they are a match before talking to each other. This can be a great opportunity to learn about someone easily.

The Science Of Online Dating

In the past, people would often go to bars, restaurants, and other public places just to interact and meet new people. Nowadays, more prefer to do it online via chat rooms. Also, it is weird that it seems cheaper to interact with people in this manner where you can meet thousands with a single subscription. 

One question that would be on people’s minds is if dating can be explained better with science. Helen Fisher, a professor of anthropology claims that people fall in love with partners having different chemical profiles. This includes serotonin, estrogen, dopamine, and testosterone profiles so that they can complement what we have. 

A matching partner company claims to offer a lasting relationship basing their matching on genetic information. The company will only match you to a likely partner by understanding the differences in your immune system. When dating sites claim to have unique algorithms, we never imagine that it would be this intense. 

The success of finding a hookup or date online starts with the username. Choose it wrong and you may not get a date. This is what first identifies you with potential mates. For men, they love reading cute names on women’s profiles. As for women, they would want the male username to indicate someone cultured or intelligent. It is worth noting that both sexes would love playful names. 

Also, usernames that begin with letters at the bottom half of the alphabet do not get as much traction as the opposite. This is because humans have always associated things with value when they are at the top of a pile. 

We cannot forget to mention photographs too. If the photos have users smiling or positioned in the center of a frame, it sends positive messages. It is just how the brain works. So, try to understand this science of online dating and make it work in your favor. 

How to Choose The Best Hookup Sites

When seeking to join online dating sites, chances are you will find many options online. Some might be good while others not so good. That is why you need to find the right way of picking the right hookup site. We discuss more below. 

What Makes a Good Hookup App?

Here are the signs for identifying the best hookup and dating sites. 

  • Reputation: Reputation would also be important. Read through the different reviews about the hookup app to see if it will be as good as it claims. 
  • Security: What kind of security are you getting with the app? It will be nice if your data safety is guaranteed. Some companies do voluntary background checks to improve the security of the users too. 
  • Matching quality: The algorithm or method a hookup app uses to get you a match should also be good. When the matching quality is impressive, you are likely to get back for more. 
  • Price: Of course, you would want the services to be within the affordable range. You do not always have to pay the highest amount, but definitely get value for money. 
  • Profile verification: Depending on the company, some will verify the profiles manually. This helps build confidence that you are not dealing with fake accounts. 
  • Ease of use: The platform that you pick to use should be easy to use. You do not have the whole day to figure out how to operate it. So, check out multiple platforms to find one that is easy to use. 
  • Customer support: A good company will always have good customer support to help the clients get around the website. With good support, you can also get the right match or get help with technical issues. 

What are the Safety Tips for Online Hookup?

Right now, you may be excited that there are many best hookup sites and apps you could use for fulfilling your fantasies and fetishes. However, you still need to keep some safety tips in mind while using these hookup sites. Here are some;

  • Make sure that you interact with someone for long enough online before meeting in person. Only do it if you are comfortable. 
  • It would be nice to do some digging first. You can check out someone’s social media profile to understand them better. It is free information, so use it. 
  • You could have a friend know where you are going before meeting up with your online date in person for the first time. In case you see any red flags, simply quit the date as it may be a catfish. 
  • Always meet in public spaces where you feel safe. It can be restaurants, parks, coffee shops, and more. These are all good options to make you feel secure. 
  • Do not give out so much private information. Sometimes you can keep some things to yourself considering all you want is a hookup. 
  • Video chat with the person before meeting. It can help you know who the person is and judge their character better than when just texting all the time. 

In Conclusion – Which Hookup Site Should You Go For?

Hookups can be fun, just make sure that hooking up is what you want when getting on such platforms. The last thing you need is to get jealous or think that something that started as a hookup would always lead to a serious relationship. If you decide to join the best hookup site for fun, then have fun as much as you want. Pick eHarmony if you are still unsure of which is the best hookup site for you. 

As much as hooking up can be awesome, just make sure you take good care of yourself too. Not everyone you meet online might be what the profile says. You can always take more time to learn more about a person first to feel secure first before hooking up. 

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Are there any free hookup sites online?

Most sites will have free access to the website but keep the better features under the premium option. Well, you would still use the website for free, but to access more features, you need to pay for the premium packages. 

2. The difference between dating and hookup sites?

It depends on your goal for joining either site. They are often advertised as dating sites, but people meet and do other things. It can start as a hookup and lead to serious dating. 

3. Are hookup sites and apps safe?

Yes. However, we recommend doing more research on a website first. You would then make a decision knowing that you picked a safe app or site. Reviews are your friend here.