The Wind at Suns Cinema
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The Wind

What do you get when you combine a Hans Zimmer score, Home Alone style antics, and the wind? The 1986 horror story The Wind (2018’s The Wind, 1992’s Wind, and 1928’s The Wind are very different films). At 90 minutes, the 1986 movie embraces the final girl trope—but since there’s only one “girl,” who’s actually a 38-year-old woman, it’s questionable whether it can actually qualify for the trope. Set in a coastal Greek town, our final “girl” and novelist, played by Meg Foster, intends to write her next book, but instead encounters dangerous winds and a suspected murderer. Sure, this could have been a small, black box theater production rather than a film. It’s not bloody or physiological enough for modern horror, it’s not bad enough for camp canon, it doesn’t take advantage of its Greek paradise setting, and the early Zimmer score offers no glimpse into future Academy Award-winning work. Still, it’s a passable film that could serve as a nice amuse-bouche into Scaretober. Qualifying as “weather-related film,” The Winds screens at Suns Cinema on Sept. 23 as part of the Mount Pleasant theater’s curated showings of—you guessed it—weather-related films. But also, Halloween can’t come soon enough, and what better way to welcome the season than by viewing a horror film in a theater known for its clubhouse vibe? Maybe The Wind isn’t required viewing, but it’ll certainly make for a fun way to ease into spooky season. The movie shows at 9:30 p.m. on Sept. 23 at Suns Cinema, 3107 Mount Pleasant St. NW. $10.