Baby Fifty’s Disregard EP

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Baby Fifty Disregarded EP

D.C.’s Baby Fifty released his Disregarded EP on Aug. 13th, a release that clearly demonstrates why the enigmatic 20-year-old is one of the most respected rappers in the DMV area. Hailing from the city’s Southeast quadrant, his nonchalant flow and deadpan delivery detailing the chaotic atmosphere of Martin Luther King Avenue helped him gain a loyal following in the District and beyond. The seven-track EP is produced entirely by Swxfft, another Southeast artist who provides diverse, intricately produced soundscapes throughout the project. The opening track “Lonely World” consists of gloomy piano keys and a complex 808 pattern that Fifty casually raps over, painting a graphic picture of his street lifestyle, and the loneliness that stems from the trauma he’s lived through. “Act Bold” includes multiple guitar samples, filtered horns, and a piano that are accompanied by bouncy kick and bass arrangements. Baby Fifty uses this canvas to reflect, whether it be questioning his recent musical support, remembering his friends who passed, or noting the never-ending supply of guns in his community. Although Fifty’s grim lyrical content persists throughout the EP, the project remains an exciting listen. His punchlines, double entendres, and use of local lingo showcase his dark sense of humor. This, matched with his signature “Uhs” and “amns” ad-libs, gives the listener something new to appreciate with every listen. Disregarded gives a brief, but thorough look into a way of life often fabricated or glorified by many popular rappers today. Baby Fifty does not have an image to maintain or a character he is trying to play—he is simply telling his raw, unfiltered truth. Disregarded EP is available to stream on Apple Music, Tidal, Spotify, and Amazon Music.