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It is a fact that life is neither perfect nor straightforward, even for anyone. Right from financial to health issues, all of us have challenges to face. While we manage to handle most of them, some call for help to show us the right direction and light. 

It is even more interesting when this guidance can reveal hidden or complex information that our physical senses cannot decode. This guidance can only come from psychic readings. 

However, not many people are comfortable with taking help from psychics. Well, there are a couple of reasons such as online scams, suspicion of incorrect reading, and lack of budget. No matter what the reason is, this post will help you cross all these hurdles and find the best psychic reading online platforms. 

Top 4 Online Psychic Sites

  • Mysticsense – Trusted psychics and affordable rates 
  • Keen – Great for love readings 
  • Kasamba – Top tarot reading psychics and fortune tellers 
  • AskNow – Top phone reading psychics

Mysticsense: Varied Psychics and Video-based Readings

Mysticsense is a young platform for experienced and diverse online psychics. With its modern website, it differs from other psychic reading providers on the Web. While looking for real psychics on its website, there is no need to create an account. 

Once you search and shortlist a promising one, the website asks to sign in. This is appreciable, as you first choose with whom you wish to proceed and then register. The registration process is simple and quick although you are asked for some details such as time zone and location.

The search process is also simple and quick. You get a chance to come in contact with online psychics from across the globe. You also get to see their profiles disclosing their skills, psychic tools in use, experience, and availability. 

The best part is that you get to see their working hours and availability as per your time zone. This means you can set up your reading session when you are free. You can search for psychics by price, location, price, ratings, skills, and tools. 

There are also some more criteria or filters based on which you can narrow your search results. For example, you may be looking for love or career predictions. At times, you may want to try tarot reading or crystal prediction. You can easily find any of these in your search. 

When it comes to types of readings, Mysticsense leaves one amazed. It offers different psychic readings including crystal healing, astrology, love reading, and astrology. All of them are organized into categories and sub-categories. For example, the relationship category has different subcategories such as love, cheating, affairs, grief counseling, and LGBT.

Most Mysticsense psychics offer chat and phone psychic readings. You can choose what you feel is most appropriate. If you want to establish a face-to-face connection, you can go for a video call. However, not all psychics offer readings via such a call. 

Another great feature of this platform is its free trial. You get the first five minutes of your first session for free. Nevertheless, you need to pay a minimum deposit for starting a reading session. In case of dissatisfaction, you get a full refund. 

Keen: For Expert Chat Psychics

Keen is one of the old, well-established psychic reading web platforms with over 20 years of experience. During this time, it has gained a great reputation, with thousands of people still using it for finding solutions to their issues. 

Several psychics are available here only after thorough screening to ensure authenticity to the solution seekers who are looking for accurate answers. They have long-term experience of using different divination tools such as tarot reading and crystal healing. Still, they go through training to maximize satisfaction.

You can find both experienced and novel psychic readers with good ratings, which are seen on their respective profile pages. This page also informs the number of psychic readings done until now, what is the background, and what the special skills are. You can even know about the approach of an individual psychic to reading too. 

You can quickly find the psychic as per your needs using the search filter. There are different types of readings you can expect, such as love and relationship, tarot card, spiritual, and life. 

So, you can easily choose a psychic as per these categories listed under the Advisors drop-down menu. Skills of psychics include clairvoyant, dream exploration, tarot, medium, empath, and angel readings. 

Once you find a suitable psychic reader, you can contact the reader via chat, e-mail, or call. There is no video call option though. A great feature here is the callback option. If you wish to meet a psychic who is unavailable at the time of browsing, putting a callback request will inform that psychic to call you back.

If you are a new customer, you get the first three minutes for free. Then, you can add more money to your registered account according to how long you intend to talk to the reader and what is the charged rate. 

It is possible to get a cheap psychic reading for 10 minutes. However, this price will be higher and shall vary from one best reader to another for the same duration. It is up to you to choose a cheap reading or a reading from an experienced one.

Kasamba: Overall a Holistic Platform 

If you are looking for all goodies in one package, Kasamba can be your best psychic reading online platform. It has a big network of psychics offering elite services only after proper screening. Psychics are carefully examined so that the customers get a professional experience from an expert.

Coming to the types of readings, the classic one is perhaps the most famous choice here. It ranges from tarot to crystal readings. Of all, tarot readings are more admired than others and are usually done using the standard 78 card deck.

Off late, dream analysis are also favored on this site. Through it, you can find more about the recurring signs in your dreams. Psychics on Kasamba also offer psychic predictions as per numerology and astrology, which are also known for high accuracy. This is done by aligning your name, birth date, and the birth planet. 

You can even find out about your love life through love psychic readings. You can expect some special readings here such as kids, affairs, and LGBT. Many people are also choosing career forecasts too for which there are some subcategories too.

To find the reader of your choice, the comprehensive search function is for you. You can easily search for psychics offering tarot readings, medium readings, and love predictions. All you have to do is search as per the desired sub-category, price, and tools in use. 

Doing so shall disclose the profile of that psychic to ensure that she or he has the skills that you are looking for. Kasamba psychics prefer the medium of chat, e-mail, or phone. Just clicking chat will trigger a simple login or registration process after which you can start chatting. 

In case a psychic is unavailable, you can opt for getting a notification once that psychic is back online. You can even use the callback utility. 

Kasamba gives you three free minutes in your first session regardless of the psychic chosen. You can even use its free mobile app available for both iOS and Android devices. 

AskNow: Admired for Phone Readings and Introductory Offers

AskNow is another popular hub of online psychics with experience of over 15 years. It is admired for its transparent prices and offers along with as far as accurate readings. In the first session itself, you get the initial five minutes for free.

There are also some more introductory offers such as discounted rates per minute despite choosing an elite advisor. If not satisfied, you can end the reading session and contact customer support to get a better reader. 

Another tempting feature is to ask a free question. Available on the homepage, it enables you to ask mail your question for free to a reader. You need to give your details such as name, e-mail, birth, and query category such as tarot. The answer is likely to come in five minutes for free. However, you will have to give your credit or debit card details.

Three types of real psychics exist here, each one having a different, predetermined price range. Master psychics with very high ratings and several reviews are the costliest ones, while the elite readers are somewhat more affordable.

The top-rated psychics form the biggest share, are good in readings, and are perhaps the cheapest ones. While it is rational to choose an expensive psychic, the top-rated ones follow high-quality standards to deliver accurate readings at cheaper prices.

When it comes to readings, you can find different categories and sub-categories to consult the right psychic. There are nine main categories such as spiritual guides, careers and goals, love and relationship, dream analyses, tarot readers, astrology readings, numerology, money and finance, and past lives.

Once you have created your account, you can directly look for a psychic as per the type, skills, and price or choose a psychic from the home page. You can then initiate a session via chat or phone. In case the psychic is unviable, you can use the callback utility or schedule an appointment.

How Psychics Can Lend a Helping Hand?

Psychics are capable of utilizing spiritual energies to perceive what we cannot and find information that our senses cannot understand. They use these energies to go through the past, present, and future of your life. As a result, they guide you to make informed decisions in life so that you can live a better life. 

You can remain informed not only about how to handle the personal issues but also be prepared for facing the future by getting insights from the readings. If you do not know what to do and from where to start upon getting trapped in life problems, psychic readings can assist you in coming out of it.

Comprehending the Difference between Psychics, Mediums, Psychic Readings, and Medium Readings 

It is true that many people use the terms mediums and psychics interchangeably. However, it is vital to note that they are different although they tend to possess supernatural abilities. 

The biggest difference between them is that both obtain information differently and cater to different purposes in sessions. Thus, they also provide different results. 

For booking a session, you need to know whether you are going to get a psychic or a medium. While each medium is a psychic, not each psychic is a medium. 

A psychic conveys about different life aspects such as relations, future, career, and events. On the other hand, a medium is capable of connecting and communicating with a deceased person in the spirit world. It can talk with the deceased person in their mental state instead of remembering the formerly obtained facts or details. 

On the other hand, a psychic typically will not talk with the dead. Rather, psychics use their mystical powers to give you insights. 

A medium can provide details obtained from other sources in the mystical world. It works by communicating with the angels and other spiritual guides to provide their message. 

It will connect with the soul group for getting guidance or approval. The respective soul then talks with the seeker via the abilities of the medium. Thus, the chances of bias are less. A specific soul may control a medium. On the other hand, the information from a psychic is chiefly intuitive, sees things without any prior information, and judges accordingly.

A psychic medium is a channel of connection and acts as a communicator between the seeker and the deceased. However, there is direct communication between a seeker and a psychic. While a psychic will be unable to give fully accurate predictions, a medium delivers clear and accurate information as conveyed by the deceased individual.

A psychic will trigger healing by giving clarifications regarding the past, present, and future situations; while a medium will trigger healing by linking you with a divine power or a deceased one. 

How to Choose an Online Psychic Reading Service?

There are several psychic platforms online offering real or automated psychics. However, each of them differs in some way or the other. In other words, each one will have its distinct features. Moreover, sadly, it has become common to come across fake sites as well as psychics. Some of them offer bots as psychics, which you may not prefer, as they are not real psychics. 

To end up choosing a genuine service, here are a few factors to consider regardless of the kind of psychic reading you are looking for;


Before even looking for online psychics, it is extremely wise to check for customer reviews regarding how a specific psychic platform and its psychics are. Those who intend to seek such a service for the first time would be somewhat skeptical. An effective way to get rid of all doubts is to read some customer reviews that will also tell how reliable an online psychic website is. 

Just keep in mind that a famous website with 5-star readers is not always the best choice. Even new websites and psychics are reliable. An ideal way to find out whether a new psychic or website is reliable or not is to go through customer reviews.

Although these reviews are available on the website through which the psychics are offering their services, it is recommended to check for the reviews on review portals. This is because the website can show fake reviews. If there are no reviews on the website, it is an indicator of unreliability. 

Years of Experience

It is logical to believe that the older the service, the better and more reliable it is! After all, the fact that the service has sustained in today’s competitive world means that it is reliable. Otherwise, it would not have sustained.

This also applies to the psychic websites and their psychics. This is why it is imperative to choose an experienced online platform that has been servicing for some years. Similarly, you should choose an experienced psychic reader.  

A well-established platform will always share the full profile of its psychic readers. This profile reveals skills, ratings, reviews, experience, and certifications if any, apart from availability status and medium of connection. In short, both the website and its readers should have the experience of gaining the trust of its customers. 

However, this does not mean that new psychics or new online platforms are unreliable. It is just to say that you are less likely to dig more about a well-established reading platform or a psychic than a new one. 


Choosing a psychic reader will largely depend on the modes of communication she or he offers. This is important to know, especially if you are choosing an online reading. 

If it is for the first time, you will not find it a bit awkward to talk to a psychic advisor directly. In that case, you should choose a psychic offering a live chat connection. A phone call is preferable for setting a deeper connection with your psychic. 

The good news is that most online psychics support these modes of communication. However, some psychics also prefer a video call for a reading. This is ideal for you if you wish to have a face-to-face session. Through it, the reader can easily acclimatize your energy as well as aura. You can even get an answer to a specific question via an e-mail. 

What you need to know is that an experienced psychic reader will not compromise quality and accuracy no matter what the mode of communication is. This is because it is not important for them to view the physical expressions for connecting with you. 


Many online platforms offer several psychics who have specialized in different types of readings as well as tools. While choosing such a platform is good, you need to recognize that it is not always the best choice. 

Some are primary such as career counseling, tarot reading, crystal healing, astrology, numerology, and crystal ball forecasts. While having some specializations is useful, too many can overwhelm you. So, choose a website that has few categories for you to search quickly for the best psychic.  

Free Offers

A genuine online platform or a psychic is likely to provide a free offer. Many websites are offering free initial minutes to try, which range from three to five minutes, regardless of the reader you choose. Many of them also offer discounted offers such as dollar one per minute for half an hour session. 

Such offers are given so that you can verify how satisfactory a reading will be and how quickly you can establish a connection with the reader. If there are no trial offers, you can request the same by contacting the psychic or the platform’s customer support team. 


Most websites are transparent in terms of the types of psychics they offer. This is evident in the form of free access to the readers’ profiles that reveal ratings, reviews, photos, and skills. Another form of transparency should be in terms of payment plans or pricing. 

Most websites charge per minute. However, it is essential to check that the time is not wasted by interacting slowly.  


You cannot expect 100% accuracy from any psychic readings. In other words, do not expect them to happen for sure. However, you can expect them to be close to that. The only way to check for accuracy in readings is by reading customer reviews. 


This is a good indicator of a genuine psychic reading provider although not many websites offer. It will be usually in the form of a refund or extra credit in terms of time. 

Psychics Near Me or Online Psychics: Which is Better?

A psychic reading traditionally is performed by finding a nearby psychic. However, with the progress of technology, many psychics have started offering their services online. Even the seekers have started looking for psychics online. 

This online trend gets an edge over the traditional one due to the comfort and convenience that in-person readings cannot guarantee. Further, the COVID-19 pandemic has given a boost to this trend, the online way to connect to psychic readers from across the globe.

Without leaving the homely comfort, a seeker can easily get a reading via chat, e-mail, video call, or a simple phone call. The seeker’s energy and aura drive the reading regardless of the location. An expert reader can predict the probable future even if the seeker is thousands of miles away. 

There is a reason behind this! The mystical domain works beyond the physical setup. The reading tool can still pull the seeker’s aura and energy and coordinate with them no matter how distant the seeker is.  

Moreover, most tools and mediums for readings can be used online. Psychics prefer working online, as it becomes easy for them to cater to more seekers daily. Online readings also ensure more anonymity. Approaching an online reader means there is no need to travel anywhere.

Traveling more than once and getting a suitable day and time are the major issues when it comes to in-person readings. You need to get ready and drive to the destination of the reader and then wait for some time. This can be challenging for the working people who seriously cannot wait. Further, they may have to spend some days getting an appointment for the reading session. 

While an appointment is crucial in the case of offline and online readings, a quick appointment puts an online reading session as a preferable option. Further, you get to select from a variety of expert readers. 

If you go for psychics near me, it may be tough to find a single reader with more than one skill or specialization. However, online, you can easily find readers having two or more skills and proficiency in using one or more tools. 


Are psychic predictions always fully accurate? How accurate are they?

This is perhaps the most intriguing question. You need to comprehend that psychic readings, even online, are not always 100% accurate although they are transparent. The reason is that psychics tend to collate the information to make meaningful inferences. 

So, they are just telling you the possibilities. You will only be able to confirm later when any of them happens. In case you are unclear about something, do seek clarification.

As accuracy is not 100%, it makes it hard to assess how accurate their readings will be. No genuine psychic will tell you, “Your current relationship grief will go away by the 15th day from today.” You will not get such a specific answer. This is why many of us go to psychics repeatedly to get further predictions.

Should I go for a chat psychic reading or a phone psychic reading?

Undeniably, getting a psychic reading on a call has been the preference of many people for decades. It is pervasive, convenient, and suitable for a myriad of readings and tools. 

If you hesitate to go with a face-to-face session and do not prefer quick typing in a chat window, a phone call is an ideal option. It is also an ideal way to start conversing like a friend.

A chat psychic reading is for those who find it hard to remember everything talked about on a call, particularly if the session is long. It also suits those who wish to get a transcript of the whole session for referring later. 

Another reason to choose reading on chat is that it is quiet. In other words, you may choose it if you do not want to speak or have privacy concerns.

What to Avoid During a Psychic Reading Online?

Regardless of whether it is a tarot reading or a reading through a psychic medium, a psychic reading is fundamentally a conversation. So, while identifying the queries to ask, it would be wise to avoid those whose answers would be “yes” or “no”. This is because they may push the conversation to a standstill.

Moreover, you should avoid controlling the reading very closely. This will help keep the unnecessary interference at bay, which is essential for a satisfactory experience. So, allow your reader to control the flow of conversation to get more insights.

What kind of predictions can a psychic reader make and tell me?

A psychic reader is capable of informing you about the reason behind your current issues, guide you regarding the existing relationship problems, predict the future for preparation beforehand, and give a better insight into your career goals.

A few psychics can also establish a link between your past and present lives. This can give you clarity about the life patterns triggered in your previous life so that you can break them if painful.

Frankly, there is hardly anything that spiritual readings cannot predict. However, accuracy, transparency, and insights vary as per the unique gifts the reader has. 

Who becomes a psychic?

Those with naturally gifted skills and those who undergo years of training in this field tend to become psychics. Those with natural abilities still practice honing their skills. Another factor that helps is the use of tools. Those with natural skills such as clairvoyance and clairsentience do not require tools to provide accurate readings. Nevertheless, some psychics still use one or more tools for better results.


Psychic readings can be intriguing. It can provide profound insights into the targeted life aspect so that you can have a better comprehension of your perceptions. You can expect valuable information for making informed decisions. 

Unlike an in-person reading, online reading is more comfortable as well as convenient. Choosing the best psychic reading online service is simple if you follow the aforementioned buying factors. All the above-mentioned online psychic platforms are reliable but you should choose the one as per your requirements, budget, and availability.