Tahmima Anam discusses her latest novel
Credit: Abeer Hoque

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Tahmima Anam talks The Startup Wife 

Have you ever longed to baptize your cat free from the judgemental glances of neighbors and bewildered loved ones? In Tahmima Anam’s fourth novel, The Startup Wife, Asha Ray—brilliant coder and new wife to tech messiah Cyrus Jones—creates a world in which secular rituals, like cat baptisms, exist outside of the burden of religion. Anam, herself a startup wife, told The Guardian that writing this book “came from me as an immigrant, as a woman, becoming aware of some of the limitations of this new world of tech that promises everything; and how hard it is for a woman to make her way in the world.” The Startup Wife follows Asha, who, inspired by the mystical tendencies of her husband, attaches her algorithm for personalized ceremonies to a social network called “We Are Infinite.” This piques the interest of the tech incubator “Utopia,” the platform takes off, and Asha and Cyrus’ marriage plunges into sudden fame. The success of their creation collapses the boundary between professional and personal, testing the modern couple in funny and prescient ways. Megha Majumdar, New York Times bestselling-author of A Burning, joins Anam for an online conversation, hosted by Politics and Prose, about faith, technology, and connection. The event begins at 12 p.m. on July 13. politics-prose.com. Free–$33.