Angel Du$t, the Baltimore supergroup, releases new EP
Credit: Jimmy Fontaine

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Angel Du$t

Don’t be fooled by the carefree bliss of its music videoAngel Du$t frontman Justice Tripp says “Love is the Greatest” is not a straightforward ode to friendship and devotion. “It’s more like referencing loss or trauma and then basically pointing out that love is the way out of it,” he says. The song is one of a handful on Bigger House, an expansion of last year’s micro EP Little House, that dropped last month from the Baltimore supergroup (members of hardcore punk outfits Turnstile and Trapped Under Ice). Though it clocks in at about 15 minutes sans its two remixes, the EP manages to dig deep into some weighty topics. On “All The Way Dumb,” Tripp bemoans the mercilessness gloom of the daily news and expresses a desire to simply tune it out. “The world’s heavy, and I think people are kind of relentless to other people. And I wish people were more gracious, forgiving, and understanding,” he says. That and other frustrations have led to some challenging moments for the vocalist, who sings about burning his instrument in “Turn Off the Guitar.” He’s owned one since age 6 and often brings his troubles there, but says he sometimes gets to “that point where you feel so low that you don’t love your favorite thing.” Sonically, Bigger House and its most recent antecedent, 2019’s Pretty Buff, represent a tectonic shift from the unyielding intensity of hardcore. But Angel Du$t “couldn’t not play fast” when the band formed in 2013, Tripp says. “It’s cool to me to listen to the discography every now and then; it’s like, see this journey that I’ve shared with my friends?” The EP is available on multiple streaming services. Fall tour dates have been announced via