In 2019, the members of Sub-Radio left their day jobs to pursue rock ‘n’ roll glory full-time, gaining audiences show by show and planning a 2020 U.S. tour that would have included a stop at South by Southwest. Those plans went out the window thanks to the coronavirus, and the band had to get creative to continue building their audience. An answer came to guitarist and vocalist Matt Prodanovich during an evening of late night scrolling on Reddit. “After a couple of nights of seeing different performers on these streams with high viewer counts, I went to the guys and I was like, ‘Hey, maybe we should try this,’” he says. The inventive strategy paid off, as the sextet’s weekly performances from Prodanovich’s basement, which began on Sept. 25, 2020, quickly scored viewership in the hundreds of thousands, bringing in fans worldwide, as well as industry attention (they now have an agent and publicist). Sub-Radio’s song “Out of My Mind” was recently showcased on DC101’s “New at 2,” something the members are thrilled about. “The only time we’ve been on local radio around here is as a contest winner,” jokes keyboardist-guitarist John Fengya. “So it’s really cool to have that happen finally.” Now the fully vaccinated band will be emerging from the basement, playing a free outdoor show at Jammin’ Java on May 22. Anticipating a much larger turnout, courtesy of their newfound Reddit audience, Sub-Radio’s main concern is keeping everyone safe. “We’re expecting significantly more people than last time,” says guitarist Kyle Cochran. “We want to request people maintain social distance and all of that.” Sub-Radio will perform live outside at 7 p.m. on May 22 at Jammin’ Java, 227 Maple Ave. E, Vienna. Tickets are available at Free.