The virtual gallery for Women Photograph Washington.

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Our City, Ourselves: Women Photograph Washington

The online photography exhibition Our City, Ourselves: Women Photograph Washington features 52 images by 25 artists, although the subjects, unlike the photographers, are not exclusively women. The photographs, which have been curated by the D.C. Commission on the Arts and Humanities and drawn from the District’s Art Bank collection, seek to document the city’s people and places. The residents featured in images range from Deborah Willis’ street jump-ropers to Martha Tabor’s female iron-workers to Susan Muniak’s denizens of a boxing gym. As for D.C.’s places, Lely Constantinople and Kate MacDonnell spent 2010 and 2011 documenting the city’s disappearing barbershops and grocery stores, while Alexandra Silverthorne took a series of charming kid pics in parks in all eight wards, and Sally Canzoneri managed to make the water tower in Fort Reno Park look like it had been transported to rural Iowa. Maggie Knaus and Katie Kirtland, for their part, contributed understated images of nature from the National Arboretum and Glover Park, respectively. The exhibit’s three finest photographs, however, are Cheryl MacLean’s depiction of an Eastern Market eatery with a long row of upturned stools; Caitlin Teal Price’s unexpectedly regal figure crossing under a grand but misbegotten I-695 overpass; and Sharon Farmer’s understatedly great black-and-white image of a carefree crowd in Anacostia Park, punctuated by a recurrence of lifted boomboxes. The exhibit is available at through May 21. A closing event on begins at 6 p.m. on May 20. Registration is available at Free.