Comics, like the ones sold at Fantom Comics.
Credit: jareed / Flickr, licensed under CC BY 2.0

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Fantom Comics’ Trivia Nights

So you’re just now realizing that you’ve spent a significant percentage of your waking hours on earth consuming comics, video games, and superhero movies. According to some naysayers, all those hours you committed to re-watching the Blade sequels might have been better spent at the gym or in law school. Reflect instead upon the fact that you have a chance to put the pop culture encyclopedia that is your brain to excellent use on the third Saturday of every month. Thanks to Fantom Comics and its online trivia nights, you and a squad of up to four friends can clash with other teams in the quest for trivia dominance. Your potential challengers include formidable teams like Tintin Quarantino, Ghoul School, Except for Bunnies and Punderwoman. These regular attendees are seasoned quizmasters, but they can be defeated! When building your team, Fantom recommends you recruit people with diverse interests. That way, you can cover each other’s weaknesses. For instance, instead of inviting your whole Dungeons and Dragons party, invite an anime lover, a fanfic freak, a Marvel maniac and a B-movie barbarian. The next trivia night is May 15, so text the friends you made at Awesome Con and sign up now. Trivia begins at 6:30 p.m. on May 15. Registration is available at $5.