The DC Funk Parade in 2018.
Credit: Ted Eytan / Flickr. Licensed under CC BY-SA 2.0.

DC Funk Parade

Festival season is right around the corner, though it might look a little different this year. For example, the DC Funk Parade is back to showcase diverse art and performance celebrating D.C.’s unique history and culture (this year’s theme is “Black Broadway”), but this time, it’s virtual. On May 8, the 7th annual festival will be streamed virtually, making it easy to follow social distancing guidelines. It will host artists like DMV comedian Rallo Boykins, Les the DJ, the DMV Lady Warriors Dance Team, young saxophonist Langston Hughes II, OnRaé LaTeal, and more. Still, not all of the festival’s events will be online: Early in the week, the festival is teaming up with Aslin Beer Co. in Alexandria to sell the “Black Broadway” festival beer in person. There will also be a Black Broadway Mural Walk on May 5, where historian Bernie Demczuk will lead a tour of 15 different murals around U Street NW. Mostly, the Funk Parade is keeping the spirit alive by bringing the funk directly to you. The event will be held May 1 through 8. More information is available at Tickets are available at $10–$25.