The cover of Julia Turshen's Simply Julia.

Julia Turshen talks about Simply Julia

Of the many, many things I’ve cooked during this prolonged indoor period, three dishes stand out: Caesar salad, sour cream pancakes, and kale and tomatoes cooked in a foil packet, all of which originate from Julia Turshen’s 2016 cookbook Small Victories. All three are relatively easy to make if you’re strapped for time or wake up desperate for something sweet, and are flavorful without requiring dozens of different ingredients. As soon as you dig in, your soul and your stomach are soothed. In an exciting turn of events for those in search of new recipes, Turshen has released her latest book today. The title says it all—Simply Julia: 110 Easy Recipes for Healthy Comfort Food is packed with dishes you can cook and enjoy at home with little stress (think chicken and dumplings, a farro, kale, and tomato stew, and lemon cupcakes), plus short essays about everything from volunteering to body image to singing. Turshen writes with warmth about her love of community and family, and while we may feel isolated from those groups right now, her words encourage us to look forward to the future times when we can gather around a crowded table. To promote Simply Julia with local audiences, Turshen will participate in an online conversation with Queer Eye’s Antoni Porowski presented by Sixth & I. Whisk up a batch of whiskey and maple syrup sours (another quarantine staple from Small Victories) and be sure to ask the author about her love of the region’s favorite spice blend, Old Bay. The event begins at 7 p.m. on March 4. Registration is available at $10–$38.