The cover of Supergrass' Live on Other Planets.

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Live on Other Planets

There’s so much to miss about live shows: the house lights going down, the roar of the crowd going up, flashlight beams on the floor illuminating the path so the artist doesn’t walk into a wall on the way to the stage. As we enter our 12th month without any of this, Supergrass has given us a reprieve with Live on Other Planets, a double album recorded during their 2020 European reunion tour; its international dates (including those in the U.S.) were cut short due to COVID. From the sound of it, boy, did we miss out. Playing with the same shot-out-of-a-cannon energy they possessed 25 years ago when they played the original Black Cat or at 9:30 Club, Supergrass cover the span of their 15 year-career (they disbanded in 2010), kicking to the curb any Britpop labels that were hoisted upon them (for some reason, any English band that came out in the mid-90’s was labeled this). From the T. Rex stomper “Rebel in You” to the blues-based groove for “Time,” Supergrass reminds audiences not only of their seemingly boundless musical range but what you’re missing if you haven’t seen them live. Available in vinyl and CD formats, the CD offers a bonus disc, Live at the Bullingdon, recorded at Oxford’s Bullingdon Arms during quarantine, live but with no audience. So as we all wait patiently for concerts to return, does Live on Other Planets fill in the void? I should coco. The album is available on Spotify and other streaming services, and for purchase at Prices vary.