The album cover of Max Res Default by Tony Cruise.

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Max Res Default

Prince George’s County’s Tony Cruise, also known as Tony Kill, released his eclectic album Max Res Default this past November. The enigmatic sound artist recorded the nine-track album this past year during his time in D.C., Seattle, and his residency at Factory Berlin in Germany. As a pioneer of Prince George’s alternative music community, Cruise has garnered a reputation for his individuality. Max Res Default is a perfect reflection of his distinctness, as every track has its own essence, and the project’s continual mood shifts are captivating. Whether it’s the energizing and distorted guitar samples in “150CC,” or the calming and ethereal sounds of “Waiting Game (Reprise)”—which landed him on The FADER this summer—there is something to entrance every type of listener. Sounds sampled in the album came while digging the crates at HardWax, OYE, and Heisse Scheiben in Berlin. Although Cruise handles the majority of the production and vocals, Max Res Default does contain notable features such as “Truth or Dare,” a collaboration between Cruise and multifaceted artist Jocko Graves. The track consists of bouncy production, melodic freestyled verses, and a catchy hook derived from percussionist extraordinaire and longtime collaborator Mark Block of D.C. Elsewhere in the album, “150CC” bears harsh semblances of metal guitar courtesy of Virginia’s Rob Oliver, whom Cruise met at a distortion pedal-building workshop. The versatility showcases Cruise’s plethora of sonic sensibilities, but also introduces the listener to sounds they didn’t realize they liked, or even knew existed. The album is available on SoundCloud, Apple Music, Spotify, Bandcamp, and as a tape available from the artist. Prices vary.