Promotional image for Georgia Webber's comics class at Rhizome DC.

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Make comics from your life with Rhizome DC

The past year’s isolation has brought with it a sense of obligation to explore new creative outlets. How many of us have sat at a desk, pencil or paintbrush in hand, staring helplessly at a blank sheet of paper? In an upcoming virtual workshop series, Canadian comics artist Georgia Webber offers us a way out of our uncertainty. Over the course of four Friday evenings with Rhizome DC, Webber, who published a memoir in 2018 about sustaining a permanent vocal injury, will help attendees explore their life experiences through comics of their own. A cranial sacral therapist and meditation facilitator as well as an artist and improvisational musician, Webber often incorporates mental and physical health practices into her workshops. In the description for her upcoming event, she writes, “When and how we choose to declare ourselves to the world is hard to control in life, but in art, we hold all the power.” This is the philosophy that drives her teaching—through learning to put our memories to pen and paper, we can develop not only our artistic skills but our sense of self. The workshop begins at 7 p.m. on Jan. 22 and continues each week through February 12. Registration is available at Free.