A screenshot of the Slate Hang Up and Listen podcast for "The Last Last Dance."

Michael Jordan would prefer if everyone simply forgot his time with the Washington Wizards. However, Slate‘s Hang Up and Listen podcast has defied MJ’s wishes. “The Last Last Dance,” a 56-minute feature podcast about Jordan’s two rather unsuccessful seasons in Washington, is a fascinating reminiscence of Jordan’s time with a losing Wizards team. After retiring from the Chicago Bulls in 1999, Jordan became a part owner and president of basketball operations with the Washington Wizards. But Jordan was not satisfied with that role, and he returned to the court for the Wizards in 2001, at the age of 38. Jordan’s time with the Wizards brought huge fan attention and television numbers to a franchise that had struggled for the previous 20 years. However, the team’s lack of success—somewhat caused by Jordan’s own decisions as an executive—led to a great deal of frustration for the superstar. Although Jordan got another shot as an owner and executive with the Charlotte Hornets and continues to be one of the most famous people on the planet, his time with the Wizards has disappeared down the memory hole. You can hear the full story of what happened on “The Last Last Dance,” not covered in the documentary series The Last Dance, on Slate’s website or your podcast listening platform of choice. The episode is available at slate.com. Free.