The logo for The Sleigher.
Credit: Julia Terbrock

HO HO WHO: The experimental and very blond pop duo 100 gecs. They got famous at a music festival set entirely within Minecraft in 2018 and then blew up with the weird single “Money Machine” in 2019. At least one critic has described the group’s chirpy musical mishmash as an “auditory flogging.” (It was sort of a compliment.)

DO WE KNOW WHAT ‘GEC’ STANDS FOR? Rather than abuse music for the holidays, 100 gecs have decided to abuse Santa. The song “sympathy 4 the grinch” is a straight-up crime story. The duo—Dylan Brady and Laura Les in real life—decide that Saint Nick’s annual deliveries have been super weak, so they take matters into their own hands: “Done being jolly, time to be naughty / Think it’s time we settle up the score.” It’s ironic, really, because for two years their vocal tracks have sounded a lot like the exclamations of enthusiastic elves.

CAPER AT THE NORTH POLE: As sleigh bells rush and a ska rhythm bops around like a coked-up reindeer, 100 gecs descend upon Santa’s abode: “He’s watching TV, he doesn’t see me / Go and get the bag out of his sleigh / Elves in the kitchen heard the ignition / Think it’s time we make our getaway.” The duo peels out in their truck, but the Jolly Old Elf catches up to them. “Santa’s banging on the back of the truck,” they exclaim through layers of digital audio processing. It is unclear if Santa takes punitive action.

CHEER FACTOR: 8/10. It might seem counterintuitive to find measurable joy in a tale of ice-cold larceny, but the real theme here is “holiday wishes fulfilled.” Who can’t identify with that?