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Credit: Julia Terbrock

HO HO WHO: Tommee Profitt, a producer, songwriter and composer, teams up with our favorite Canadian pop punk queen Avril Lavigne to bring us a new rendition of 1865’s “What Child Is This?”

WHAT MOVIE TRAILER IS THIS? Profitt has found success making music for television and movie trailers, and this take on an old religious carol would be the perfect backing for a thriller in which Liam Neeson arrives at the 11th hour to rescue Jesus from the cross. What Child Is This? Coming to theaters streaming services near you this December. Profitt scores Lavigne’s leading vocals with dramatic backup vocals, dramatic drums, and several dramatic pauses leading to even more dramatic crescendos for a result that we can only describe as: dramatic.

BLENDING THE DARK WITH THE HOPE: In an artist’s statement made via YouTube comment, Profitt says that this song was a “fun collab, blending the dark with the hope.” Dark? Hope? Could “What Child Is This?” be the song that captures the essence of 2020? Perhaps. Thank god the year’s almost over.

CHEER FACTOR: 1/10. Cinematic Christmas songs can manage to be cheerful. Just ask Run-DMC. But I don’t think playing “What Child Is This?” as you open presents over Zoom will make Christmas morning as epic as you might expect, and it certainly won’t leave you overflowing with cheer.