Poster for the Airhead DC release show.

Airhead DC’s EP release show

Lo-fi and isolation pair seamlessly in Busted Sermon, Vishal Narang’s new EP. Airhead DC is an apt name for Narang’s solo project—his music is marked by faded instrumentation and weightless vocals that evoke Rostam in his Half-Light era. Unlike Airhead DC’s 2018 release, Crush-Hi, which incorporates elements from Cherry Glazerr’s Tabor Allen and other collaborators, Narang made Busted Sermon almost completely alone. He recorded some of the EP in his Brooklyn apartment and the rest at his parents’ house in northern Virginia. The only outside assistance came from Max Gowan, who mixed and mastered the music, and Narang’s father Anil, who plays tabla for the dreamlike track “Amphora Jam.” According to his Spotify bio, Narang grew up in the D.C. suburbs “surrounded by the sounds of Bollywood movies, leading to a love of vocals drenched in reverb and echo.” That reverb seeps into songs like “Condo 2,” which, along with “Amphora Jam,” is one of two songs off the EP that Narang has already released online. Narang’s lyrics about a decaying relationship—“I’d rather be so underwhelmed than have another worry meld. I’d rather be too close to you than extra space in condo two”—float to the surface of his music rather than clawing their way up as one might expect. Busted Sermon is a sign of the times, rooted in impressionistic, melancholy language and simple melodies. Experimental singer-songwriter Devon Welsh and poet-slash-multidisciplinary artist Lu Rose Biltucci will join Narang for an eclectic live stream to celebrate Airhead DC’s EP release. The full bill is reminiscent of pre-pandemic times, virtual aspect notwithstanding. The show begins at 8 p.m. on Dec. 15 via Twitch. Tickets are available at $5–$10 suggested donation.