The logo for 24 Hours in a Time of Change.

“24 Hours in a Time of Change”

Okay, maybe “a time of change” as a tagline for 2020 is an understatement, and maybe cracking a joke about how 2020 was a hellish year that’s mercifully almost over is a cliche. Still, for all of us using the Gregorian calendar, the end of December is a time for transition and reflection, often marked by big gatherings with family and friends. With that off the table, the Smithsonian is offering a new virtual event for “national dialogue” called “24 Hours in a Time of Change.” On Dec. 11, the designated website,, will be full of prompts asking viewers at home to reflect on the year—things like “What message would you send your future self about your life in these changing times?” and “How is art shaping your response to this moment?”—that will be displayed for other users and collected for curators to build on in the future. Additionally, there will be hourly programming streamed on the site, including talks, panels, and webinars with artists, scholars, and activists. Of special note to Washingtonians is the Anacostia Community Museum’s overview of Black Power and neighborhood organizing in the city beginning at 2:30 p.m. The event begins at 10 a.m. on Dec. 11. Prompts and hourly programming are available at Free.