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Credit: Julia Terbrock

HO HO WHO?: Meghan Trainor had a big year. The artist, who’s known for her upbeat, bubbly pop songs like “All About That Bass” embracing a (confused, unnuanced) message of self-love and body positivity, kicked off the new decade with her anthem-filled album, Treat Myself. She’s finishing off the year with her first holiday collection, A Very Trainor Christmas, stuffed with zesty originals told the Trainor way. Purists, fear not: There are some oldies in there too. They’ve just been given a shimmery makeover with a robust dusting of synthetics. 

REINDEER GIRL SQUAD: The jingle opens with what I can only describe as doomed, Paul Revere-esque cries of “Santa is coming!” While it never totally loses its edge, the tune quickly turns from dark to charmingly sassy with the introduction of jingles, snapping, and Trainor’s signature bubble gum glossy R&B sound. The hilarious chorus has all the sly coolness of an ironic spy film and leads to a catchy beat drop that’ll definitely get your holiday party guests dancing.

BAKE COOKIES FOR LITERALLY ANY OTHER REASON: As a December baby and lover of all things jolly, Trainor wanted her Christmas album to be a family affair. She co-wrote “I Believe in Santa” with her two brothers, which makes the song’s message to “stay young” as sweet as peppermint. But the hardcore Santa fandom seems to go a teensy bit too far. Trainor sings: “I gain fifteen pounds a season / Blame Santa, he’s the reason / I bake cookies just to please him.” Like so many of Trainor’s lyrics, it scrambles her sparkling message of female empowerment and joyful indulgence. Why does she need a reason to bake cookies? As her album title goes, treat yourself! 

CHEER FACTOR: 8.5/10. This is the perfect song for your glam holiday heist. Pairs well with sparkly knee-high boots and black tinsel tops. Also good for non-heist-related holiday activities like dancing, though good luck singing along to this one.