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Credit: Julia Terbrock

HO HO WHO: Pentatonix, three-time Grammy winners and winners of NBC’s a cappella singing competition The Sing Off. They do have an original album, but they mostly do a cappella arrangements of pop songs. They’re also the kings of Christmas—seriously, this is their fifth holiday album (sixth if you count their Best of Pentatonix Christmas from 2019).

THIS YEAR HAS BEEN SNOW JOKE: By now, PTX (as they prefer to abbreviate) know what they’re doing. 2020 has been rough for us all and it’s safe to say we definitely “need a little Christmas,” so they tug on the heartstrings. The group is smart in placing the title track, a cover of a song from the 1966 musical Mame, 12th out of 13 on the album; you have to sit through the rest of their upbeat tracks until you reach the one you set out to listen to in the first place.

WE NEED A LITTLE GOOD TIDINGS: From the opening “bom bom boms” to the double time rhythm halfway through, the song oozes cheerfulness (in a good way). The ending in particular makes you want to start kicking your legs back and forth, Rockette-style.

CHEER FACTOR: 8/10. I am a self-professed fan of Pentatonix—I’ve seen them in concert a whopping five times. Yes, five times is a lot. I was also a huge fan of Pitch Perfect and Glee back in the day. However, a cappella is an acquired taste. Give PTX a bit of time, listen to multiple albums, and you may change your mind (and not just because of the sheer repetition).