Guess who’s back, back again (in print and online). And it’s our favorite issue: the People Issue. Sound the air horns.

Read about the people who make life in the District a little more interesting, a little less grim. City Paper staff spoke with the heart of the firehouse, the mayor’s right hand, and the mayor of Mount Pleasant. They and 11 others offered insight into this moment.  

“We might not be able to be around one another right now, but we hope these conversations give you the feeling of a little human contact,” writes City Paper editor Caroline Jones in this month’s cover story. 

Pick up the issue, featuring photos by Darrow Montgomery and design by Maddie Goldstein, at any one of our newspaper stands across the city. Read online now or bookmark for later. 

 —Amanda Michelle Gomez (tips?

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Darrow Montgomery. 3100 Block of Mount Pleasant Street NW, Nov. 8.

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