The cover art for Beauty Pill's Instant Night

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“Instant Night”

How do you make the perfect single for Election Day? Start by warping a February 2017 speech from White House senior adviser Stephen Miller that declares the powers of President Donald Trump are “very substantial” and “will not be questioned.” Then, weave in the hauntingly smooth sound of Beauty Pill vocalist Erin Nelson. As the surprise track “Instant Night” builds, Miller’s jarring words blend into Nelson’s plea for some empathy. Not only was the new release a well-timed message, it perfectly aligns with Beauty Pill’s identity as a band “born in the mouth of the 21st century.” Chad Clark, the D.C. rock band’s frontman, says “Instant Night” was a plea for listeners to have empathy for one another, to understand the seriousness of the crises at hand, and to vote Trump out of office. The official music video features former band member and artist Ryan Nelson painting satirized portraits of Trump and other political figures. Beauty Pill members also navigated pandemic restrictions, recording the song on a rooftop while adhering to social distancing guidelines. In the wake of a drawn-out, bitter presidential election, the message of “Instant Night” continues to resonate. The track is available to stream or purchase through Bandcamp. $1.