A promotional image for Sarah Cooper: Everything's Fine.

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Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine

Comedian Sarah Cooper captured lightning in a bottle with her lip-syncing TikToks poking fun at President Trump. By swapping the podiums and press conferences that offer him a veneer of dignity for a roster of wigs and homemade props, Cooper unveiled a new shade of absurdity in Trump’s erratic soundbites. But Cooper’s apparent overnight success has been years in the making. As a way to escape the stifling corporate atmosphere of jobs at Yahoo and Google, the Montgomery County-raised Cooper started a humor blog that went viral for satirizing productivity culture and “girlboss” feminism. After striking comedy gold again with her Trump bits, Cooper landed a mid-pandemic Netflix deal for her debut special Sarah Cooper: Everything’s Fine. The special places the dumpster fire of 2020 into a blender, adds a wild mix of guest stars like Jon Hamm, Megan Thee Stallion, and Maya Rudolph, then stuffs it all into the format of a morning news show. Everything’s Fine contains staples of sketch comedy like bizarre infomercials and fake movie trailers while offering original bits and a new song from Fred Armisen. But the highlight of the show is a delirious peek inside the infamous Access Hollywood bus starring Helen Mirren as Billy Bush. The special also serves as a fine showcase for director Natasha Lyonne. Between directing Everything’s Fine, staffing an all-female writer’s room for her series Russian Doll, and producing Jacqueline Novak‘s off-Broadway show Get on Your Knees, Lyonne has positioned herself as the salmon cannon that shoots female comics upstream. With Cooper as Lyonne’s latest protege, the future of women-led comedy is bright—we just have to get through 2020 first. The special is available to stream on Netflix. Free with subscription.