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In tomorrow’s City Paper, you’ll find:

  • A great cover piece by Jason Cherkis on the state of sit-down dining in Ward 8. Politicians have promised the residents of the carryout-strewn ward a restaurant where you can sit down and have a decent meal for years. But Jason finds a few places where you can do that right now—and in the process exposes the reality of the restaurant biz east of the river.
  • A pair of killer media stories: Ryan Grim takes down the Post’s lousy meth exposé by rewriting their own story. Erik Wemple weighs in on the Post’s obsession with the New York Times—an $18,000 a year obsession.
  • Bob Mondello’s personal tribute to Source Theatre founder Bart Whiteman, who passed away recently.
  • A profile by Dave Jamieson of a guy who gets paid to ride Metrobuses all day.
  • A sharp review of albums by Roseanne Cash and Jessi Colter by Joe Dempsey
  • Trey Graham on a very good Hamlet up in Columbia, Md.
  • Plus Loose Lips, Young & Hungry, Savage Love, et al.