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What’s going on in local Internet discussion groups

“How big a problem is this kind of behavior becoming?” writes longtime Barney Circle activist Jim Myers, referring to an incident this Sunday in which a PCP-crazed man unloaded a few rounds into the sky and a neighborhood car. Myers wants to know if this type of activity is the way druggies get off nowadays. “I had come to associate people running around half naked with PCP (or ‘dip’), but this gun issue is beginning to sound scary.”

Terror rules the streets in the wake of gunfire and sightings of shady youngsters at Taft Recreation Center. One mother voices her determination not to let urban warfare shake her from her walking routine: “I go walking a lot around the neighborhood with my son and it seems like at least once a week, I find myself in a situation that causes me to be a bit uncomfortable. I am talking about someone walking up the street towards me, and something in their manner that makes me hesitate a bit and put on my mama bear persona (protect my little cub!).” What keeps her motivated is “defiance mostly,” but perhaps, she adds, when other mothers see her traversing Brookland’s Sidewalks of Death, they’ll feel inclined at some point in the future to come outside, too.

D.C.’s most venerable listserv continues to deal with its neighborhood’s many troubling issues. “Does anyone know who the female dog walker is who lets 4 dogs run loose every day on Ordway Street along the 2700 block?” writes a traumatized resident. “There is a big golden retriever among them that runs and jumps on strangers.” For all those people who endured lumbar punctures, you wasted your time. “I got a call from the Department of Health today; the rabies test on the raccoon found in my yard mid-March was negative,” writes another resident. A third resident is pretty sure she has moles in her yard. “I know they’re not all bad, but I’m wondering what advice people have to get rid of them.”