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’Cause lookin’ cool ain’t easy.

Names: Tiffany Chan, Luke Bailey

Ages: both are 22

Occupations: psychology student, Georgetown University; environmental-studies student, Georgetown University

Residences: West Georgetown, Burleith

Spotted: 10:15 p.m., Food for Thought Cafe

Hipster Giveaways: Chan sported a red-and-white polka-dot blouse fastened with safety pin and jeans tucked into metallic-gold scrunch boots from Urban Outfitters; Bailey rocked a rainbow-colored ski vest by Ski Daddle, purchased at a vintage store in Santa Cruz.

Style Definition: Says Chan: “I think it’s pretty simple. Just jeans and sweatshirts, mostly.” Bailey adds that Chan has “a collection of phenomenal shirts,” is a seamstress, and is “very good at picking things out from thrift stores and avant-garde shops.” “You’re like my publicist,” says Chan. Bailey describes his own style as “very messy.”

Found Objects: Bailey was wearing a shirt that belonged to Chan’s dad when he was captain of the MIT ping-pong team, a hat from a housemate, pants and an Adidas track jacket belonging to a friend named Will, and Chan’s ski vest. “The shoes are mine,” he says.

Brush-Offs: “I’ve had this safety pin in for a long time, since last summer,” Chan says. “I was trying to go out, and I was in a hurry. It wouldn’t be the same without it.” Says Bailey: “I put on whatever’s on top of the pile of messy clothes.”

Hipster Love: Chan and Bailey met three years ago. “The reason I talked to him was he dressed different than everyone else at Georgetown,” says Chan. Bailey felt similarly about Chan’s checkered slip-on Vans. “He was like, ‘Nice kicks,’” says Chan. “Nobody had them in D.C. yet.”