In tomorrow’s City Paper, you’ll find:

  • A cover story by Arthur Delaney and me that explains why, despite all the condos and construction and marketing, the District is still estimated to be sloughing off residents by the thousands every year.
  • In Cheap Seats, Dave McKenna tells the story of Post horse-racing writer John Scheinman‘s biggest score. It happened on the job, at last year’s Kentucky Derby.
  • In Artifacts, Andrew Beaujon profiles Shaw photographer Jason Miccolo Johnson, who scampered across the country capturing images of African-American churches and their denizens.
  • And Jason Cherkis reviews the new Flaming Lips record, in which he busts heartily on Wayne Coyne. Jason insists he hates to do it.
  • Loose Lips exposes the machinations of one the District’s top political kingmakers, a review of U Street’s Tabaq from Tim Carman, lots of film, music, and theater, and more.