In tomorrow’s City Paper, you’ll find:

  • A cover story by Huan Hsu documenting the travails of some of the Washington area’s great obsessives: morel hunters.
  • A lovely photo essay by Uruguay-born photographer Roxana Bravo about one woman’s street business in Langley Park making and selling pupusas, tacos, and other treats. In an accompanying piece, Ryan Grim explains why her business’s days in Prince George’s County might be numbered.
  • In the District Line, a piece by Dave Jamieson explaining why D.C. is way behind the curve on DNA testing for prisoners who maintain their innocence. A big part of the problem is that people who might be able to help free innocent convicts can;t find them in the massive federal prison system—the government won’t reveal where they are.
  • A Cheap Seats piece from Dave McKenna about Channel 9 sports anchor Brett Haber, who broke the biggest local sports story of the year, only to be ignored by just about eveyone.
  • More from Loose Lips on the anti-gay rhetoric of Bishop Alfred A. Owens Jr., Anne Marson reveals local restaurateurs’ favorite takeout container, plus lots of film, and more.