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Every Tuesday and Thursday, we run down what’s going on in local Internet discussion groups.

Besieged local pol Sinclair Skinner informs members that “untrue and slanderous information” about him has been posted to the listserve, and that the poster has created “a Website to try to destroy my name and career.” Skinner says he’s hired an attorney and plans to bring a lawsuit—news that apparently thrills poster Robert: “Neighbors, It’s official. This is the greatest day for the Petworth list serv ever. Do you think we’re all going to get subpoenad [sic]? Long live the list.” John doesn’t like Robert’s tone: “it’s not a place to be flip or sarcastic. These are serious matters involving lives.” “I’m being serious,” responds Robert, though he concedes, “I do think I am funnier than I actually am.”

After yet another “excessively loud” party on Newton Street NE involving Catholic University students, residents mull what kind of “multi-prong approach” they should take to the issue. One prong just might involve Girls Gone Wild–style guerilla video footage of nubile co-eds. Notes Alex: “About 5 years ago, Darcy‘s videotaping of some of the more outrageous stuff students did in the 1200 block of Newton led to national news coverage and a crack-down by CUA.” But a better solution might be earlier drinking-and-debauchery hours for the students. “Seven years ago several neighbors on our block convened a meeting with the students and we expressed our concerns,” he went on. The students responded by “holding parties in the afternoon instead of the evening.”

Two posters decry an abundance of overfriendly dogs in the neighborhood. “When people are walking to work, shopping and coming and going from the area of Adam Morgan, move your animal to the side,” urges D. “Stop letting your dogs jump on people with there nasty paws?when they have been peeing and defecating on the walk you just took them on.” Poster Ed has a particular offending pooch in mind: “Beware of the dreadful piebald Chow Chow that will jump on you around [Safeway]—its porcine owner won’t even [make] eye contact…let alone apologize.”