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Every Thursday, we round up Pay-Whats and other cheap seats at local theaters. Just so’s your weekend is a little easier.

Before we start, remember the general rules: (A) Reservations for these? Not so much. (B) They’re offered on a space-available basis, so have a backup plan. (C) Click each theater name for details and contact info.

So I dunno what’s up with the theater world this week, but I got nothin’ for you. Whoops, except that Richard II, which continues to do a Pay-What every Saturday afternoon.

Oh, and not to make this Washington Shakespeare Week, but WSC is in the middle of a staged-reading series that’s surveying Greek drama, Alpha to Omega. (See what they did there? It’s like A-Z, only not quite so time-consuming.) This week is Aristophanes’ The Knights; it’s directed by Ian Allen, the long-lost (to Manhattan) madman behind the late, lamented Cherry Red Productions, and it stars New Vaudeville sensation Lobster Boy, so it might be worth the Pay-What it’ll cost you to get in the door.

To recap:

  • Richard II, Washington Shakespeare Company. The sceptered isle gets punked in Robert MacNamara‘s production. Pay-What performances every Saturday at 2 p.m. to May 14. At Clark Street Playhouse, 601 S. Clark St. in Crystal City.
  • The Knights, Washington Shakespeare Company. Alternately vicious and rollicking anti-war comedy from the author of Lysistrata, starring a large lobster. (No, really, it says Lobster Boy, not Lucas Zarwell, so anything could happen.)  Pay-What reading Monday at 8 p.m. At Clark Street Playhouse, 601 S. Clark St. in Crystal City.