Every Tuesday and Thursday, we run down what’s going on in local Internet discussion groups.

“We hired a production company to make a video for us this weekend, but our drummer can’t make it,” writes Shwa, founder of the self-described “smart, catchy alt-rock” band Shwa. “We’re looking for someone to sit in, probably wearing a dead president mask, and get chased by a giant chicken for 3 days….Any takers?” Good Samaritan Phil doesn’t let the fact that he can’t play drums stop him from volunteering, but he withdraws his offer after deciding that the spotlight is useless if his photogenic mug is obscured by some sort of rubber Richard Nixon deal. “I can’t play drums, but I look really good on film. Really good. However, I’d refuse to wear a mask. So, I guess I’m out.”

After submitting a post that failed to make the Brookland listserv, poster Conor lobbed a charge of censorship at the moderator. “[M]y posting followed all the guidelines in the section on ‘List Etiquette’: Several messages that were drafted after I had submitted mine (around 12:30 am last night) were subsequently published. Thus, I ask the Moderator to publish this posting and to respond to it as to why and under what criteria he/she chooses to censor certain posts or topics?” Moderator Christopher, ticked off that Conor seemed “to want to call me out like the Old West,” decided to come out with caps lock blazing: “I DO THIS AS A COMMUNITY SERVICE!!!!” After noting that he was unable to attend to listserv business immediately because of his two paying jobs and a dinner with the wife squeezed in between caring for their 6-month-old, Christopher stated his complete support of free speech and signed off “Family Man, Bread Winner, and moderator.” Poster Joe responded by thanking Christopher for his hard work and asking Conor to man up: “Fair is fair – you owe the man an apology.” Apology pending.

All academic year the mothers of the G Street Playschool e-list have carted their tykes to play group every Tuesday and Thursday, but now that school’s out for summer, it’s time for the moms to put down the juice boxes and string cheese and hit the town. “Hey guys—Let’s celebrate the end of the G Street year with some cocktails and/or dinner,” suggests mommy Sara. “Sounds AWESOME! I’m never one to turn down a cocktail opportunity” replies mama Susana aka Sooz. “Should we go casual, a la Trusty’s or a Nats game? Or Sonoma or Tappatini’s? Or, GASP!, venture out beyond the zip code?” Crystal looks forward to “an opportunity to wear lipstick, non-stained clothing, and something besides flats,” but shoots down Sooz’s suggestion to leave the nabe, shunning a car trip perhaps so she can stay near the kids—or maybe for another reason: “I vote to stay in 20003 in case I want to walk home.”