In today’s Examiner, Harry Jaffe expended a good chunk of his column rehashing Mayor Anthony A. Williamsuse of “goddamn it” to fend off political gadfly Mark Plotkin’s usual statehood hectoring this past Wednesday.

Jaffe, also a Washingtonian national editor, went three for four on the W’s: He got the who, the what, and the when correct. But he struck out swinging on where the incident actually took place. He wrote incorrectly that Williams dropped the g-bomb on Plotkin’s WTOP radio show. Williams’ momentary lapse into human feeling actually occurred during his weekly press conference at the Wilson Building.

“Oh, darn,” Jaffe said after being notified of his error by City Desk.

We then asked Jaffe to explain on how the error happened: “I just figured, hmm. That sucks, hmm. Plotkin…I just, let’s see…hmm. Because it was…I thought somebody told me that it happened on the radio program.”

“I saw it in the Examiner,” Jaffe went on to explain. “I saw it in my newspaper.…I call it my mistake.”

When City Desk informed Jaffe that the scene, complete with audio clip, had been reported by City Desk, Jaffe replied: “I don’t read your blog.”

Jaffe also failed to credit City Desk with exposing Bishop Alfred A. Owens Jr.’s homophobic sermon, which he also included in his column.