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Every Tuesday and Thursday, we run down what’s going on in local Internet discussion groups.

In a spurt of creativity, residents are attempting to brand their far northeast neighborhood with a catchy slogan. Instead, residents have given into the self-loathing impulse that comes from buying overpriced homes nowhere near a Whole Foods. Slogans proposed include: “For those who live on E-W streets: ‘The Gateway to Hyattsville’” or “For those who live on N-S streets: ‘The Gateway to Chillum.’” Targeting the youth demo, one resident suggests: “Brookland and Woodbridge-proving ground for teens on scooters.” The more inclusive suggest: “Brookland-A Ghetto With Lawns.” No one has yet proposed “city living, suburban style!”

Construction sites usually aren’t judged for beauty until completion, but one resident can’t wait, already objecting to Donatelli & Klein’s Park Place, a massive condo/retail red-brick structure about to go under construction at the Georgia Avenue Metro stop. Toby writes that the “site is very trashy and has weeds at least waste high. Can something be done about this?” This question is met with one resident quipping: “I think you are worrying about the wrong type of weed in that area.”

A resident reports this morning on a “rabid raccoon” feasting on his property’s weaker critters: “This past Friday I observed a raccoon walking down the street in front of my house. Saturday, I went into my back yard to find a dead bird with chucks [sic] of its flesh missing, Sunday, I went into my garage and found a dead squirrel with similar bite marks and ripped flesh.” An animal-control rep told him they couldn’t do anything until the hungry raccoon starts looking for food inside the home. “I asked if they wanted the dead animals for testing of Rabies or maybe West Nile? She said no,” the resident writes. “Put on some gloves, bag it up, and put it in the trash. I have no problem with that; my concern is the animal doing this still roaming the neighborhood.”